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Saturday's Los Angeles Times front page prominently informed readers whose combined household incomes total $100K - $200K that Romney's tax plan would raise their taxes significantly. That this disasterous data came from economists Romney often relies upon is astonishing.

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney's budget plan would significantly raise income taxes for many families making between $100,000 and $200,000, analyses by leading Republican economists cited by the Romney campaign show.
Imagine you're one of the core constituents of the Republican Party: The two professional, two income family. Mom, dad, two kids (or maybe three, just to irk the liberal population pansies).  You live in a planned community, maybe behind a gate. You like BMW (Volvos are so lib). You haven't been downtown in years, because all the dark people scare you.  In fact, if it wasn't for that creepy Mexican bum outside of Gelson's market, you wouldn't have to deal with "those people" at all.  There just aren't any where you live...well maybe a few that clean your bathrooms and cut your lawns.  You think Obama probably was born in America, but you'd like more proof (where there's smoke, there's fire, right?).  But that's not why you're not voting for him.  He just has failed America. You don't want socialized medicine, and besides the poor already get free health care.  Obama's too much of a dictator.  He apologizes for America all the time. Romney was a businessman . Why don't your liberal friends understand that?  Obama's bankrupting the country, and he wants to take money from the job creators and spend it on Solyndra. Obama's going to raise our taxes in a second term.

Imagine you opening today's LA Times, and there on the front page you read this:

For many wealthier taxpayers, lower tax rates would outweigh the loss of deductions. An analysis by the Tax Policy Center earlier this summer estimated that taxpayers with annual income of $1 million or more would gain more than twice as much from lower rates as they would lose by eliminating deductions. Taxpayers earning between $200,000 and $1 million also would benefit, although the margin would be less lopsided. The ratio flips for households earning below $200,000.
Wait! What? This can't be right! Romney's going to raise our taxes? Honey?? Read this! I've got to call Elliot and Jack at the office! Can you believe this???
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