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Good Morning, Kossacks. I hope that you are all having a great weekend. I have been around the Great Orange Satan for a long time. Although I am a political junkie, I am mostly a pootie poster and a garden blogger here at DKos. However, I have always believed that building a progressive majority means building a progressive community. No one does more to help build the community at Daily Kos than Bill in Portland Maine.

Back in the fall of 2007, Bill lost his day job and wrote a TTFN. I was here for the week that he was gone from us. Kos saw the wisdom of allowing the community to support Bill, and he is the one front-pager who is supported entirely by our contributions. I love Cheers and Jeers. Because of my crazy work schedule, I can't always participate, but I always read his diaries. They never fail to put a smile on my face.

I am going to make is easy for you to support BiPM by offering a challenge. I will send him 25 cents for each rec that this diary receives. I would also urge you to support his work with a one-time donation or with an ongoing monthly contribution. Here are the contribution links:

One time contribution: click here.

$5 monthly contribution: click here

$10 monthly contribution: click here

$20 monthly contribution: click here

Snail mail: Bill Harnsberger, 16 Pitt St., Portland ME 04103
The eye candy continues below the colonial Cheeze Doodle.

Pull up a chair and grab a second cup of coffee. Since I am mostly a pootie poster and a garden blogger, I thought that I would share a few of dad's and my favorite cat and flower photos.

Patches and Pumpkin:

Marmalade comments on Son 2's piano playing:

Dad's favorite rose picture:

Here are some magnolias in my yard:

Monorail kittehs:

Notre Dame de Paris:

Lucy and Jack as babies:

The 7th-century church of St. Hripsime in Armenia:

Yawning Lucy:

Amheida in the Egyptian Desert:

The medieval town of Porvoo in Finland:

My favorite picture from my youth, My canoe partner and I are practicing for the annual canoe races at Girl Scout Camp:

And a perfect rose:

The Great Bill-A-Thon Remaining Bring-It-Home-Baby Schedule

Sunday, September 16€

€afternoon post (around 1pm): Moody Loner
€afternoon post (around 4pm): Debbie in ME€
evening: triciawyse

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