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There's a lot of destruction around here of late.

If one looks at the rec list on any given day they will learn that Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan or Republicans In General are being blown up and disemboweled and eviscerated.

LOTS of evisceration, apparently.

Now, putting aside that we're liberals... can't we just BEDAZZLE or DECOUPAGE our enemies... I'd like to gently remind everyone within the sound of my keypad (which at the moment is just A VERY hot cat) that nothing that has been written or will be written or has been said or will be said or has been on the TV or will be on the TV, which will bring about the end of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and Republicans in General.


Well, nothing other than... Get Out To Vote.

There will be no knock out punch or magic potion or super fantastic editorial written by that super fantastic someone that will somehow cause these people... these rich, powerful, lying, all-in, sons-of lizards... to give up and go home.

Remember they've pushed a half a quatrillion dollars into the center of the poker table to try and win this thing.

And there's no amount of political bug spray or rhetorical disinfectant that will change the minds of the 42% of people who will vote (often against their own self interest) for Mitt Romney.

Remember that -- according to Ricky Santorum -- they're all sharing a quarter of a brain cell.

If the political can create an entire movie ("Barack Obama 2016... when you realize that he's actually a Communist Death Unicorn") and sell MILLIONS of dollars of tickets, but still not be able to move the poll numbers one iota... then you and I and our friends aren't getting out of working REALLY hard because David Corn wrote something in Mother Jones.

There is no get out of jail free card, kids.

So, though I totally get why there's a lot of gutting and vaporizing and "THIS WILL CAUSE MITT ROMNEY TO LEAVE THE ELECTION"... nothing but Get Out To Vote will matter.

And... this is where YOU hit the volunteer link.

PS: GOTV will totally and massively and actually detesticlize Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and Republicans in General.

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