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Didn't see that one coming.  At least not yet.   Dick Morris, one of the biggest idiots and Romney cheerleaders in the blogosphere, is suddenly clanking all the alarm bells, just one day after he insisted yet again that a Romney landslide is coming.  Looks like the rats are scurrying off the sinking ship fast.

Here is what he said on his site today:

"The Democratic Convention Bounce - And What To Do About It"


In the aftermath of their Convention, however, the Democratic Party has recovered its lost sheep. Before the two conventions, my polling indicated a three point spread between the parties — 34% Democrat v. 31% Republican. In polling on September 12-13, I found the gap had widened to ten points — 38% Democrat v. 28% Republican.

So, Dick Morris claims today that in his own private polling (he uses a polling firm nobody knows about, now claims that he owns his own private polling outfit?) that stated party identification and party preference has gone from a 3% Democratic advantage to NOW showing him a 10% lead for Democrats.   A 7% swing towards Democrats and Obama since the conventions, a party ID advantage for Democrats no other poll has shown with that kind of severity, and far removed from GOP friendly pollsters like Rasmussen and Gallup, who both are actually showing a slight advantage for the GOP in party ID.

More after the squiggle

Morris goes on to state:


In retrospect, this was the Democratic strategy at their convention (and it succeeded brilliantly):

Long ago, President Obama realized that he would never win re-election based on his dismal record and he decided to try to cast the contest as a “choice” rather than a referendum on his record in office. To win that choice, Obama has spent about $150 million on ads savaging Romney over Bain Capital, tax returns, and foreign bank accounts. But it didn’t work. In my pre-convention polling, Romney consistently led Obama by between four and seven points among likely voters.

Yeah, we heard about Morris' personal "secret" polls before which showed Romney leading Obama by 7% while every other poll showed Obama leading Romney by anywhere from 2% to 7%.   Here he mentions them again, as if they were actually real instead of a figment of his hyperactive imagination.   Anyway, next Morris explains how it all flipped around and went to dust for Romney:


And the Convention showcased all the oldies but goodies which have held the Democratic coalition together — abortion, contraception, equal pay, tax “fairness” et. al. Their strategy worked. Wandering and wayward Democrats — particularly unmarried women – came home and switched their party identification, at least for now.

As a result, Obama has had a bounce from the convention as the number of Democrats swelled.

Yep, all it took for a complete reversal of fortunes to the tune of a 7% turnaround in Morris' internal "secret" polling numbers was a convention that talked about abortion, equal pay, taxes, and BOOM, all the Democrats which had become Republicans came running right back into the fold.   Hey, wait, maybe Morris IS onto something here:  If you have a choice between a house full of crazed loons talking about dismantling Roe vs. Wade, establishing "personhood" at conception, claiming that "the body shuts that right down" when a woman is raped, chanting "We built that" incessantly,  and adults intelligently discussing serious issues facing the American people and bringing lunacy and transparency to the table, perhaps it was inevitable that folks not just walked but RAN back to the Democrats and Obama.

Then Morris goes on to explain what Romney must do to get the lead back he has lost in such dramatic fashion:


Romney has a solid ten point lead on jobs and the economy. He has, as a result of his convention and particularly due to his wife'€™s speech, overcome the personal negatives with which Obama tried to saddle him in the months before the convention.

Now he must turn to the fundamentally different narrative of the two parties and explain that he wants to get government off your back, out of your pocketbook, and far away from the checkbook.

By asserting the fundamental superiority of the Republican brand over the Democratic alternative, Romney and Ryan can reverse the shift in party identification and resume their lead over Obama.

First off, Morris LIES here again.  Romney does NOT have a 10% lead on "economy and jobs."   Far from it.  Poll after poll taken after the conventions shows either Obama leading on the subject, or at best Obama and Romney are tied on that metric.  There IS no 10% lead Romney enjoys on that question.  Even the House of Ras shows Obama leading Romney by 2% on the question "Who do you trust more with job creation?"  

Secondly, the American people don't appear to perceive the supposed "fundamental superiority of the Republican brand over the Democratic alternative," as foolishly claimed here by Morris.  On issue after issue, Democrats and Obama win with the American public.  Jobs/economy, all social issues, welfare, who is best for the vast middle class, abortion, taxes, on and on, heck even on terrorism.  Even the formerly highly contentious issue of gay marriage has turned into a plus for the Democrats, as is the Affordable Health Care act about to follow suit.

What is striking here is that Dick Morris, yes, the same Dick Morris who insisted that there is an inevitable Romney landslide of spectacular proportions coming, and that all polls are simply wrong,

just yesterday here

and before that






is  now on record to have completely reversed himself and all of a sudden claims that his own polling shows the Democrats having built a huge 10% advantage in party identification, something not even the most Obama-friendly polls have shown as of yet.  That he uses an ignorant falsehood of an imagined Romney polling edge when it comes to the "jobs and economy" metric for the "concerned" advice he gives to the Romney campaign moving forward makes Romney's situation the more precarious, at least in going with Morris' imagined alternative reality universe.    

It looks to me that Dick Morris is now strongly backing away from Romney in dramatic fashion, using his own super-duper-secret polling (voices in his head?) as cover, to make the case of a spectacular Romney cratering that only a harping on supposed Romney strengths like the economy and jobs could possibly reverse.   He probably saw how he was widely ridiculed for his constantly bizarre commentary, which appears to be based on pure fantasy, throwing coins in a wishing well, and witchcraft, and now has decided that he has to back away from the Romney disaster-in-the-making to keep himself at least somewhat relevant for future commentary gigs in the right-wing press, instead of just looking to the entire world like the nutcase he actually is.    

Good times are here when even Romney's cheerleader-in-chief makes a sudden 180 degree reversal and claims that the voices in his head are now giving Democrats and Obama a 10% lead in stated party preference, and with that presidential preference, which Romney now has only a few weeks remaining to overcome.

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