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So I sit down this morning to start writing up homework assignments for my American Government class.  I'm using a text book that we got last year at my school but never used- for reasons I can never figure out.

Any way, I'm looking through the contents and there is a section called Profiles in Citizenship.  There some familiar names listed- Newt Gingrich, Christine Whitman, Bill Maher (a bit of a surprise), Russ Feingold, Sandra Day O'Connor, James Carville, among others.

But it was the one on page 594 that really stuck out.  Below the Sacred Squiggle to find out who.

A picture is worth a blog...

Markos Moulitsas
From American Government: Citizenship and Power.  EMC Publishing.  2008 Edition, page 594.
I think it is really great of the authors of this text- Christine Barbour and Gerald C. Wright both of Indiana University to include Kos in the book.  It really shows the power of the internet and of this blog.  It also represents the idea that a blog such as DailyKos is part of the mainstream media- and we are the gatekeepers.

Quick update:  Wow, on the rec list. Thanks everyone.   Hmmm, maybe I'll always put somewhat unflattering photos of our Fluffy Leader in

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