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If Scott Brown's real record is known by Massachusetts voters, Elizabeth Warren will win. It is that simple. We all know it. I am sure that this information is not new, but I want it to get as much exposure as possible. I strongly support Elizabeth Warren. She would immediately become one of the best US Senators in the entire Senate, along with Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Sherrod Brown. That is the rationale for this diary.

So, please join me below the squiggle for the truth about Scott Brown.

First, what would be his first vote when the new Senate commences ? It would be to vote for Senator McConnell to be the Majority Leader . Is that the act of a moderate who is voting the way that most Massachusetts voters would want ?

Open Congress with the truth

Votes with party 67%
In April of 2011, this is where we were
What's more interesting is the perception of Scott Brown as an independent. In reality, save several key votes, he has marched in lock step with his party. Despite Brown's voting with the majority of Republicans 95% of the time (according to the Washington Post), some 56% of Massachusetts voters believed he has kept his promise to be an independent voice in the U.S. Senate.
Scott Brown feigns supports for LGBT but isn't there when he is needed

May of 2012 we find

New Study: ProgressMass Analysis of Scott Brown's Voting Record Reveals Highly Partisan Record, Overwhelming Support for Republican Obstruction in U.S. Senate

For Immediate Release: May 7, 2012
Contact: Mathew Helman, Communications Director
E-mail:, Cell: 617-821-8004

BOSTON - A new study of Republican Scott Brown's voting record in the U.S. Senate by ProgressMass reveals that, when Brown had the opportunity to oppose Republican obstruction in the U.S. Senate and demonstrate bipartisan leadership, he voted overwhelmingly with his Republican colleagues.  This finding runs directly counter to Republican Scott Brown's recent claims of bipartisanship.  Brown voted with his Republican colleagues at a rate of over 75% (over 93% prior to Elizabeth Warren's entry into the Senate race) to block legislation that had the support of 50 or more Senators, measures that would have passed the U.S. Senate on a so-called "up-or-down vote," according to the ProgressMass review of Brown's Senate record.

Quantitative observations included:
 •Republican Scott Brown supported Republican obstruction of measures that had the backing of at least 50 Senators - measures that failed but would have passed on an up-or-down vote - 40 times out of 53 roll call votes, or 75.5% of the time.  In other words, during his tenure in the U.S. Senate, when Republican Scott Brown was faced with a choice between bipartisan leadership and partisan obstruction, Brown chose partisan obstruction over bipartisan leadership 3 to 1.

Massachusetts voters need to rethink Brown

Scott Brown voted to protect tax breaks for the Oil and Gas Industry three times (and it only cost them $198,000 - Open

The state's leading anti choice group says

The state’s leading antiabortion group said Thursday that it plans to support Senator Scott Brown’s reelection campaign, potentially undercutting the Republican’s effort this week to distance himself from his party’s support for strict antiabortion measures.

“We consider him a senator who votes prolife,” said Anne Fox, president of the Massachusetts Citizens for Life. “We have to take his word for it when he says he is prochoice. But what we’re looking for is someone who votes prolife, and he does.”

Brown said he would not reject the backing of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Well, isn't that interesting. Brown claims to be pro choice, but the anti choice group does not care because what matters is that Brown votes anti choice.

You know what ? They are right : it matters how Brown votes regarding choice. Brown votes anti choice. And that is not how the good voters of Massachusetts want him to vote. He is wrong for Massachusetts.

Emily's list called him on his dishonest ad

“Scott Brown is straight-up lying to Massachusetts voters with his latest ad. Brown does not support a woman’s right to choose – his anti-choice voting record has earned him the support of an anti-choice organization in this very campaign,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List. “And Brown does not support equal pay for women – he actually voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act.  Brown apparently has so little respect for Massachusetts women that he thinks his stunning dishonesty will earn him their votes. Unfortunately for Scott Brown, women are a lot smarter than that. This ad is appalling and voters know it. Brown should take it down and apologize.”
Dude is even against ACA and wants to repeal it - despite Romney law's popularity in Massachusetts
Brown acknowledged in May that his daughter, 23-year-old Ayla, was insured under a provision in Obama’s health care reform allowing children to stay on their parents’ health insurance until age 26. Brown said he believes provisions like that one should be implemented on a state level, not as part of federal reform.
Massachusetts would not have reelected Mitt Romney - hence, willard did not run for reelection. He was the wrong person for Massachusetts. The same is true with Scott Brown. He masqueraded as a moderate and beat a weak challenger in a special election. But this November, 800,000 more voters will be voting than when he won previously. And the undecided voters in polls support President Obama  by 4 to 1 or better.

Elizabeth Warren will be the next US Senator from Massachusetts and she will hold that seat as long as she wants it. Our job is to make sure that the truth gets out to the voters in Massachusetts, to donate to her campaign , and to get our voters to the polls.

Go Elizabeth Warren !

4:58 PM PT:

The above diary shows her up 6 on Scott Brown in the latest poll

5:35 PM PT:

New PPP poll has her up also.

That is the third one moving in her direction. The trend is our friend. :-)

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