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     I wonder why the US Press is ignoring the fact that 3 weeks ago ... 3 long weeks ago ... British PM David Cameron and German Chancellor Merkel told Bibi to shut the f'ck up, "no" to red lines and gave Bibi a "red light" when it comes to invading Iran.

5 days ago: Haartz Newspaper in Israel reported that Bibi was pissed at the other two countries that fund Israel, Germany and Britain.

BIBI: "The world tells Israel 'wait, there's still time'. And I say, 'Wait for what? Wait until when?' Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel," Netanyahu told reporters on Tuesday."
6 days ago: The Haaretz Newspaper of Israel reported that two weeks prior to their report, (3 weeks ago), British PM Cameron sent U.K. officials to secret visit to Israel warning Netanyahu against a unilateral attack on Iran.  PM Cameron gave Bibi a "red light."
A high-ranking visitor delivered a stern message from British PM David Cameron against an uncoordinated Israeli strike on Iran at this time.
The Haaretz goes on to say that PM Cameron became leery of Bibi's intentions in July of this year when Bibi failed to provide clear answers to PM Cameron questions.
The Israeli source related that British fears about an imminent Israeli decision to strike Iranian nuclear facilities was further heightened by Netanyahu's failure, during a phone conversation between the two leaders prior to the Olympics in July, to provide clear and precise answers to Cameron's questions about Israel's intentions on the Iranian front.
    The Haartz goes on to say that both Chancellor Merkel (Germany) and PM Cameron told Bibi "no" to red lines and they both gave Bibi the "Red Light" on invading Iran.
... the firm message of the U.K. envoy, together with the phone conversation during the same period between Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and public remarks by high-ranking U.S. officials in recent weeks have affected Netanyahu's and Barak's attitude to the Iran issue.

    Haaretz reported that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak was not willing to risk going against Germany, Britain, France and the United States.

Netanyahu, and to a greater extent DM Ehud Barak, have apparently recognized that in addition to the military implications of such a move missile barrages that could kill hundreds of Israeli civilians - it would also have serious foreign-policy implications, in the form of a very deep rift with Israel's greatest allies: France, Britain, Germany and the United States.
    Then the Haaretz explains that since Germany and Britain told Bibi "no" to red lines and gave Bibi a "red light" Bibi decided to blame President Obama ... in hopes that his interference in U.S. Presidential election would result in him (Bibi) getting his puppet, Mitt Romney elected.
In the past two weeks, in the wake of the Western messages, Netanyahu has changed tack and began talking about the need to set "red lines" for Iran over its nuclear program in order to head off a military confrontation.
    To me, the US Press has failed Americans by not reporting that Germany and Britain gave Bibi a Red Light 3 weeks ago ... 3 weeks before Bibi tried to interfere in the US Presidential elections.  

     And ... Bibi continues to bellow:

setting clear red lines that if crossed will prompt a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities is the only way war can be avoided.

     Oh, how the world misses former Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin -- he was such an awesome, awesome man!

     While I think that Bibi is a clone of warmongerer Dick Cheney ... I wonder ... what the hell is the matter with the US Press?

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