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A few days ago, I posted the "secret" Romney tapes and some of my fellow Kossers opened up a serious can of whup on me.  Here's what I wrote:

Some of you guys called me a troll, Andrew Breitebart and pleaded with me to take the tape down.  

Today, those tapes went mainstream in print and on TV.

Is there anyway those of you who dogged me so badly could um, at a least apologize for all of your conspiracy accusations?  And while we're at it, we might want to find that woman who original posted the tapes because she is looking like a hero.

If not, no big deal...forward.

EDIT: Thanks guys for all the warm regard.  My larger message is that we need to trust each other--especially those of us who write frequently.  We will not post anything that puts the integrity of this site in jeopardy.

I also need to say that this woman was dogged a thousand times worse than me.  Please show her some love:

Twitter --- @AnneOnymous670

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