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I'm not going to insult you by pimping you with some nonsense about how you lost my vote when.....

You lost my vote when you reached adulthood and remained a Republican.  

I'm not going to tell you I once believed you were a moderate, sensible Republican worthy of leading your party.  The fact that you have been a CEO most of your life tells me you're not sensible or reliable or moderate.

I won't tell you I'd never mock your invisible Tax Returns.  Of course I would, it's laughable that the most fortunate among us are the worst tax cheats, the least willing to bear the burdens of citizenship.

I never needed anyone to release the inside information on Bain Capital.  I knew you were a Gordon Gekko wannabe before the stories began to unfold.  

I knew you were a bully during the primaries.  What you did as a boy and a young man was quite typical for your type.  I doubt we've heard 1% of it, and what we've heard is the most attractive part.  Sad.

I didn't need Team Obama to point me toward your dishonesty, anyone with a moderate IQ and internet access knows you're a liar and a con artist.

I don't mock you for your awkwardness with the common man because it never occurred to me that you'd be comfortable around people outside your elite sphere.  I'm inclined to save my amazement for people like Teddy Kennedy and Warren Buffet, people with money and power and influence who don't, somehow, think those blessings/gifts make them superior to me.

Because you're a Republican I knew you'd undermine Social Security and Medicare.  I knew you'd sneak in some more tax cuts for the rich.  I knew you'd undermine regulations that protect us against toxic waste, toxic economics, and toxic business practices.

Here's what's new, what I wanted to tell you.  The infamous video is the first time I've heard relaxation in your voice, seen ease in your bearing.  It's the first time you didn't look wooden and out of place.  It's the first time your voice was clear, vibrant, confident.  It's the first time most of us have seen you in your milieu.  

You told the truth, Mitt, the truth as you know it, which is comprised of half-baked propaganda, not-intended-to-be-factual facts, and a whole lot of disdain for the people who have made it possible for you to rise into the economic stratosphere.  That's what you made clear.  We know now you're not robotic, you aren't charmless and wooden, you aren't suffering from some organic brain disorder.  You simply can't relax around people who aren't just like you - white, male, wealthy, entitled, and self-centered.  

The worst part of it all was hearing your disdain for your wife.  She's female and that puts her outside that charmed circle, that comfort zone.  I wonder if she knows that, or if it would matter to her.  Perhaps she holds you in the same disdain?  It's hard to tell who she is, her public persona is so harsh and brittle I avoid her.

BTW, thanks for the information on why you jumped on the Embassy attacks so precipitously - you've been waiting for the 2012 version of the Hostage Crisis!  Too bad you're playing Jimmy Carter's role in this scenario.  I bet that never even occurred to you, the whole idea of taking some time to build a viable narrative.  That's what living in a bubble does to people - once you've swallowed your own propaganda you become unviable as a political entity.

Can't say I'll feel any pity for you.  You're the epitome of what's worst about this country.  How fortunate I am to have a candidate/President who more and more resembles the best!  

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