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Democrats are surging in the polls. Not only does President Obama hold a healthy lead on Mitt Romney, but the U.S. Senate now looks likely to stay in Democratic hands.

What's more, Democrats have even taken the lead in the national congressional ballot, giving us a very realistic chance of recapturing the House of Representatives:

With an opportunity like this, we can't hold anything back. We have to give more, volunteer more, talk to more voters and share more progressive content online. We also need to push our Democratic elected officials to make sure they are giving whatever they can, too.

An analysis by Daily Kos Elections has identified 152 Democratic House incumbents who are not listed as vulnerable by any major election prognosticator and who are also not running for higher office. According to their most recent FEC reports, these 152 Democrats have just over $87,500,000 in their campaign bank accounts, combined.

Now, these Democrats are neither deadbeats nor hoarders. In almost every case, they have already given sizable sums to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (which coordinates Democratic House election efforts nationwide) and/or directly to Democratic candidates in competitive House races. Still, even a small percentage of the $87,500,000 would go a long way toward helping Democrats win the two or three dozen toss-up seats that will decide control of the House of Representatives. This is especially the case with the tidal wave of Republican Super PAC money covering a larger portion of the horizon every day.

If you live in a solidly blue congressional district, or if you are represented by a Democratic member of Congress who is retiring this year, then please click here to join with Daily Kos and Democracy for America by sending an email to your Democratic member of Congress urging him or her to give even more to Democrats in competitive House races.

Be polite, but act urgently. The election is just seven weeks away and we haven't a moment to lose.

Originally posted to Chris Bowers on Wed Sep 19, 2012 at 03:49 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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