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1st question by Moderator Jon Keller:  Is your opponent's character an issue in this race.

Scott Brown Answer:  Brings up Liz Warren's Indian heritage.  Questioned whether she got an advantage on checking that box.

Liz Warren:  Brown a nice guy.   I only knew what my mother told me.

Brown rebuttal: Repeats asking Warren for her personel records.

4:09 PM PT: More back and forth.  Warren says that she got no special advantage.  Brown again intimates that Warren checked the box and got special treatment.

2nd question(by viewer):  Unemployment rising, how would you help with jobs?

4:09 PM PT: Brown says 3 jobs bills would raise your taxes

4:11 PM PT: Brown says Warren's proposal would take more money out of your pocket.

Warren rebuts mentions a fractional tax on people making more than a 1 million dollars and fully paid for.

4:12 PM PT: Tell Richard he's not working because lack of regulatory certainly says Brown in rebuttal.

4:12 PM PT: "Guilty as charged, I won't raise taxes" Brown

4:13 PM PT: Warren: Senator has voted to let taxes go up on hard-working families.  Bill a few weeks ago to keep tax cuts for 98%.  Warren reminds us that Brown voted no.

4:13 PM PT: Brown accusing Warren of misrepresenting his record.

4:14 PM PT: "We know how Senator Brown voted".  Warren.  98% would have had their taxes cut.

4:15 PM PT: "I will not vote to increase taxes on working families."  Warren

4:15 PM PT: Brown says he won't raise taxes on job creators: small and middle sized businesses S-Corps.

4:17 PM PT: Brown quotes right-wing talking point of Warren's proposals being the "greatest enemy of free enterprise"

4:17 PM PT: 3rd question: Fiscal Cliff.

4:18 PM PT: Brown: I call it Taxgameddon

4:18 PM PT: Brown: "We should be working on this right now".  Opposes sequestration

4:19 PM PT: Brown repeats U.S Chamber of Commerce line

4:19 PM PT: Warren: "We have to avoid the cliff"

4:20 PM PT: Warren: end AG subsidies, cut defense, cut tax breaks for oil companies.

4:21 PM PT: Brown mentions voluntary paying of higher taxes by checking a box.  Mentions gas prices as his excuse to keep oil tax breaks

4:22 PM PT: He also mentioned his pickup truck

4:22 PM PT: Warren brings up Buffett Rule.  Mentions that Brown opposes it.

4:23 PM PT: Brown keeps mentioning gas prices and heating oil prices as the reason why oil tax breaks should be protected.

4:24 PM PT: Warren keeps mentioning Brown letting billions go to oil companies.

4:25 PM PT: Brown claims that Warren only wants Wind and Solar for energy

4:26 PM PT: Taking a break.

4:27 PM PT: btw, I missed a few things that Warren said trying to type up the outrageous crap that Brown is saying.

4:29 PM PT: Streaming link: Thanks Scarce

4:29 PM PT: Debate is back.

4:30 PM PT: 4th question: Would you ever vote for a justice would would oppose abortion rights?

4:30 PM PT: Warren says abortion rights are settled law.  Brings up Kagan and Brown's vote against her.

4:31 PM PT: "I'm sorry I didn't vote for your boss" Brown referencing Kagan

4:31 PM PT: Brown: "I've been fighting for women's right since I was 6"

4:32 PM PT: Brown mentions Violence Against Women Act.   Gee, Scott, why don't you tell the House GOP to vote on it

4:32 PM PT: Warren mentioning that Brown was endorsed by anti-choice groups

4:33 PM PT: Brown repeats his fighting for women since 6 line

4:33 PM PT: Brown just compared himself to Ted Kennedy[originally typed in JFK.  Had a minor brain fart.  Corrected it now].

4:34 PM PT: Warren says his voted against equal pay for equal work.  And mentions the Blount amendment.

4:34 PM PT: Mentions how vague the Blount amendment was.

4:34 PM PT: Warren mentions that Brown voted for it, and cheered it on.

4:35 PM PT: Third or fourth time Brown says to Warren "stop scaring women"

4:35 PM PT: Defends his vote against equal pay for equal work.

4:36 PM PT: Warren on the Blount amendment:  "doesn't say religious".   Nails him on the Ted Kennedy comparison.

4:37 PM PT: 5th question: military intervention

4:37 PM PT: Brown brings up his National Guard service

4:38 PM PT: supports Afghanistan surge and withdrawal.   Brown concerned about the date though.

4:39 PM PT: Warren talks about her family's service in the military.   "Our military is just amazing".   Says we should be careful about what we ask them to do.

4:40 PM PT: Plugs Hillary Clinton's approach and "smart power".

4:40 PM PT: Brown says we can't have a nuanced approach and said that Warren said we need a nuanced approach.   Saber-rattles on Iran.

4:41 PM PT: Warren: "we cannot have a nuclear Iran".  Mentions that Obama agrees with that.

4:41 PM PT: Mentions that she is working towards Obama being the Commander in Chief and not Mitt Romney

4:42 PM PT: Brown says Israel is our greatest ally in Middle East and wants POTUS to meet with Israel's prime minister.

4:42 PM PT: Warren:  Israel is an important ally.

4:43 PM PT: Warren:  What it is about is who you want as Commander in Chief

4:43 PM PT: 6th question: higher education and reform

4:44 PM PT: Warren mentions that many young people have done everything we've asked them to

4:44 PM PT: Tells about how hard it is for college grads.  

4:45 PM PT: Brown says he understands high cost of education.   Blames admin costs and salaries.

4:46 PM PT: Credits himself for keeping student loan costs low.

4:46 PM PT: Warren: "my first teaching job I made 18,070 dollars"

4:47 PM PT: Mentioned that she only paid $50 a semester for college.

4:47 PM PT: Says she's in this race to help others reach that American Dream.

4:47 PM PT: Senator Brown is out there protecting loopholes for the big guys, according to Warren

4:48 PM PT: Mentions S-Corps.  And flood zones.  Highway bill.

4:48 PM PT: Warren: "he did draw a line in the sand'.   He protected loopholes.

4:49 PM PT: "He stands with the millionaires"

4:49 PM PT: Brown again accuses of misrepresentation.  Claims S-Corps are not millionares.   Talks about Warren at Traveler's and asbestos.

4:50 PM PT: "I have been out there working for people injured by asbestos".  Warren.   Mentions she is working for the little guys

4:50 PM PT: Brown again accusing her of denying benefits to asbestos victims.

4:51 PM PT: Warren "Globe says that is not true"

4:51 PM PT: 7th and possibly final question: Do you believe climate change is real?

4:52 PM PT: Brown says climate change is real.   all of the above approach.

4:52 PM PT: Attacks Warren on being against Keystone XL pipeline and trys to pander to unions.

4:52 PM PT: Brown mentions that he opposes wind in the Cape.

4:53 PM PT: Warren says that Brown is about a rigged field.

4:53 PM PT: "Senator Brown has helped tilt it toward oil".   Rebuts Keystone attack

4:54 PM PT: Warren talks about this race being key to control of the Senate.  Says Inhofe should not be in charge of dealing with climate change since he denies climate change.

4:55 PM PT: Brown talks about attacks on the "energy producers"

4:56 PM PT: Warren reiterates Inhofe's climate denial and Brown's rigging for oil.

4:56 PM PT: Brown attacks OWS and Warren's "social contract" speech.

4:57 PM PT: Warren: "This race is about which side you stand on".

4:57 PM PT: Keller says that they are out of time.

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