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It is not those who sacrifice their lives for the nation, children born into poverty, the elderly, the homeless, those who struggle valiantly for subsistence or those whose fortunes turn sour, whose mojo goes bad, whose hearts or minds give out under the strain who we should feel sorry for. No, it's those poor millionaires and billionaires who can afford to attend a $50,000 -a-plate dinner to listen to some heartless asshole bloviate about how hard it is to be a spoiled-rotten, over-priviledged, self-righteous, piously-petty, narrow-minded, hate-filled gazillionaire in a world full of losers and moochers.

It's the hideously rich who are the real victims, you see. Everybody wants them to pay taxes and stuff. Everybody wants to eat some crumbs off their floor and suck on their tiny little teats. Everybody keeps saying stuff like noblesse oblige, or to whom much is given much is expected and other such communist slogans, with nary a thought for the poor rich assholes and their God-given right to horde money and keep it to themselves. It's not their fault that people are starving. I mean it is but isn't that a technicality, really? They would be fine with people not starving if it didn't cost them anything.

Isn't it only natural that the more you have the stingier you are? And isn't this especially true when you have more than you could ever possibly need? Come on people, have a little heart for those who are cursed with profound riches. It's a burden most of us will never know. How do the poor babies sleep at night?

How sad that some sneaky someone secretly taped the sorry spectacle of a guy born with a silver implement sticking out of every orifice whining to other put-upon greedheads about those who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. What do they think they are? Human?

At least now we know that with Romney and the Republicans in charge, let them eat cake will become ESAD. That ought to make the rich folks happy.


Peace Out,

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