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Number one, David Gregory was not in control of that roundtable.  Joe Scarborough was.  Scarborough talked over EVERYBODY as if this was his lil morning show.

Scarborough went after Bay Buchanan, who tried her level best to defend Mitt Romney and his performance and just got trounced.  Not only by Scarborough, but the Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed slammed Romney stating, "the Republicans have a candidate that is defective..."  You could hear a PIN drop when he laid it down.  Bay tried to interrupt him and he said, "hold up mam, let me speak..."

David Brooks, simply said Romney is a FAKE.  He is running a fake campaign that no one believes, even himself (Romney).

Bay Buchanan stated about Romney's 47% comment "...he can't worry about them, he has to worry about the 6%.."  Meaning that the campaign is only focued on the invisible 6% of independents that look more democratic each day.  Also, Buchanan kept talking about the race tied.  It is not.  The national polls (remember) is about polling from all 50 states.  In that aspect, it is tied or Obama leads a bit.  But the electorial college is WON, state by state.  That aspect Buchanan did NOT focus on.  Here is the remark by Bay Buchanan below in regards to explaining the 47%:

“What he was saying is the 47 percent is going to be voting – this is what it looks like – solid base of the president. Included in those people are people who are going to have a hard time reaching. There’s people who are dependent on government, some believe and feel they’re owed something by government and many of them don’t pay income tax, and my message doesn’t work for them. That’s all he was saying," said Buchancan, who advises the Republican presidential nominee He never said he didn’t care about them, that he wasn’t concerned about them.”
As for Paul Ryan, Joe Scarborough tried his level best to defend his butt getting BOOED by the AARP crowd.  Dude, you can't explain that away.  The take away from that AARP convention is that the seniors are going to double down and NOT vote Romney/Ryan, period.

Dee Dee Myers was like a cricket.

Finally, this clip opens up with Chuck Todd and the real math, called the state polls.  It does not look good for Romney.  And that is THAT.

2:36 PM PT: Then you have Ann "you make me gag" Coulter who had the nerve to say this, "Democrats ‘Dropping the Blacks and Moving on to the Hispanics’"  Seriously, you can not make this shit up.

Read it and Watch it, here.

2:51 PM PT: I thought Micheal Steele was a joke as head of the RNC, but Reince Preibus surely beats him, "Reince Priebus: Last Week Was ‘Good’ For GOP"  I don't know what kind of cloud he is laying on but watch it, here.

5:14 PM PT: New DNC Ad put together the Sunday Roundup on Mitt Romney and his 47% remarks.  NOT GOOD.

5:18 PM PT: I am putting all these roundtable links clips up because none of it was GOOD for Mitt Romney.

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