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Latest Update, Colorado:

PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls
Obama leads 51-45 in Colorado, up 3 pts from a 3 pt lead Labor Day weekend. Identical movement in CO and FL compared to 3 weeks ago.
Update: And now the full poll is out.
Florida voters trust Obama over Romney on the issue of the economy by the same 50/46 margin as the overall numbers...

Romney has... a 53-45 advantage with seniors.

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PPP broke their latest Florida poll via this tweet just moments ago:

PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls
Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 50-46 on our new FL poll. Should have the full thing up by around 8. Obama's gained 3 pts since Labor Day
They will have the full poll up in a couple of hours.

Coupled with the RCP average in Ohio being Obama by more than 4%, I think we can honestly conclude that

This is not good news for John Mitt McCain Romney !

Or any other Republican within 3000 miles of the Romney campaign.

4:24 PM PT: The RCP average for Florida would go to Obama +1.9% once they include this poll.

4:38 PM PT:
PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls

Independent in Florida thought the 47% comments were inappropriate by a 58/37 margin

5m PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls

Where Romney's really lost ground in Florida over the last 3 weeks is with Democrats- doesn't have the crossover support he did before

8m PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls

Romney's net favorability in Florida has dropped 9 points in the last three weeks

4:38 PM PT:
PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls

1 year of tax returns not enough for Florida voters- 52% want to see 12 years of Romney's returns to 39% who do not
4:49 PM PT:
PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls

82% of African Americans in Florida are 'very excited' to vote this fall, higher than any other group we track
The only question is whether they will be able to vote.
5:30 PM PT:
PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls

Obama strong on his own merits in FL- 51% approve, 47% disapprove of him. Best numbers for him since April:
5:48 PM PT:
PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls

By the way Fox News' poll this week had Obama up by more in Florida than we do
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