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Found on Reddit last night, here's a video that shows a young girl in Colorado out registering people to vote.

Great, right?

Hold on a minute. The lady whom she is soliciting in the video asks her who she's working for, to which she replies "The El Paso County Clerk's Office." The lady being solicited asks another question: "And who are you registering? All voters?"

The girl replies: "We're out here in support of Romney, actually."

The lady being solicited: "And who's paying you for this?"

Girl: "We're working for the County Clerk's office.

The lady then proceeds to ask her about the propriety of representing herself as affiliated with local government, and registering only one party's voters to vote.

Now, to any who might think this is just an innocent canvasser making $8/hour, and just taking the job for the pay, another person on Reddit points out the ring she's wearing.

If it seems like an odd ring for a teenager, you're not alone. I had to look it up, too; didn't look like any class ring I'd ever seen. It's a CTR ring. CTR stands for "Choose the Right".

Mormons wear them as a reminder to "act righteously", except, evidently, in situations where a fellow churchmember is running for President. The girl in question was asked two particular questions a total of five times, and answered only once honestly and fully. Hard to believe that's not an oversight, and that being the case, why would this girl feel compelled to hide the true provenance of her activities?

[Edit: Ha, I found the "edit" link. Go me. First post here. Bear that in mind. The part bolded above was a subsequent edit whose sole purpose was to bring the post to a close in that paragraph.]

The remainder of this post was originally a deliberately shallow exploration of the history of Mormons applying a doctrine that holds it is not a sin to lie in the service of faith. Several people felt that this was unjust, and that I'd meant it to apply to all Mormons, all the time, this is not so. On reflection, I am removing it. NOT because I think it was factually inaccurate, or not a legitimate point of concern to call attention to, but because those interested in that backstory/angle have plenty of other sources from which to draw, and my paragraphs added little, so while I overall stand behind my own words, I see no harm in deleting them in the service of not being needlessly offensive.]

[Edit 2: I'm not responding to any more comments in this thread. Bottom line: the video speaks for itself, and this girl deliberately mis-representing her affiliation and purpose has zero legitimate explanations. If I've offended Mormons or the LDS church with this post....HEY: don't look at me. Look at yourselves. All this episode required was transparency and honesty, and I would have ZERO problems with this girl's activities.

Originally posted to militantcentrist on Mon Sep 24, 2012 at 06:41 AM PDT.

Also republished by Colorado COmmunity.

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