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Jed Lewison already has a diary up showing what Mitt Romney thinks about him paying a lower tax rate on capital gains than the rest of us pay on our well-earned income.  

Romney: Yeah, I think it's the right way to encourage economic growth, to get people to invest, to start businesses, to put people to work.
Well Mitt, I have some questions for you then below the fold.

So $RMoney made $20,000,000 last year.  He paid just under 14%, which would be $2,800,000 in taxes.  Now let us just say we had raised the capital gain rate even 10% to 25%.  That would still be less than you would pay on REAL income.  It would still make you pay a lower percentage in taxes last year than most of the average Americans you have so much disdain for.  

You would have paid maybe $2,000,000 more in taxes.  Now that seems like a lot to somebody like me who earns his money Washington by Washington waiting tables for a living.  But here is the million dollar (or maybe 2 million dollar) question.  

WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THAT LAST $2,000,000?  What jobs did not paying a higher tax rate on your multi-millions allow you to create?   What economic growth did you encourage?  Or did that money just get parked in the Cayman Islands or Swiss Alps?  

C'mon Mitt, if we are supposed to believe in the Magical Myth that the under-taxed rich are Job Creators then you can provide us with this creatures version of the Patterson-Gimlin film be telling us the jobs YOU created with YOUR tax savings?  

But you probably do not think "US PEOPLE" need to know that.

But I do know what $2,000,000 could do for the country.  It could keep 400 single mothers and her two kids from going hungry because they had to cut food stamps so you could have your $2,000,000 tax break.  Of course that would also help the grocers and the farmers and food packagers sell more and therefore employ more and help the economy as well.

Or maybe that Two Million could repair or replace that bridge that is about to fall down.  Creating jobs in the process and preventing some of 'those people' from falling into the river.  And of course those people having jobs will help pump or cycle more money throughout that local community.  

So tell me Mitt, what did that money do in YOUR hands instead?   We are waiting?

10:40 AM PT: Wow, first time on the Rec List.  Thanks all, I just thought it was a simple question.  And I saw some comments on an article online that shows I was not alone in thinking this.  Great minds thinking alike and all.  Wish our media would ask these simple questions.

Originally posted to magicman3315 on Mon Sep 24, 2012 at 06:45 AM PDT.

Also republished by Bending the Buzz.

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