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On Maddow last night something was said that got me thinking. In the first segment nearing the end of the interview she said and I'm not quoting but summarizing, that much of the moderates and the left want a sane and competent right.

It got me thinking, and really thinking hard about how far off the rails the GOP has gone and though while we me stomp them this year, both at the Presidential election but now increasingly at the Senate and quite possible the House, part of me while thinking about this wishes we weren't having to stop the barbarians at the gates as it were.

After the orange gate I'll be ranting a little, espousing some, and maybe just letting some steam out, if you feel like reading...thanks in advance.

We all know where we are now in this election season, and most of us realize its only going to get worse. We are at a point where literally the Onion cannot even make this crap up anymore. Members of congress literally making things up and pulling them out of the ethos, on the congressional floor even. Literally what is supposed to account for hallowed halls of reasoned and sometimes though heated debate, a discussion and debate based in reality and facts.

The rule of law and all that.

But that's not where we are. We have a Vice Presidential candidate who lies with impunity about the changes made to Medicare from the Affordable Care Act. Lies about how it steals from beneficiaries to give to some magical new entitlement program called Obama Care.

And Mitt, lets not get started there. There are a litany of lies, miss truths, and just down right despicable behavior by a man I am quite convinced literally has such a disdain for anyone outside his money circle, he wouldn't deign you his urine to put you out, should you happen to be on fire.

And when you call these people on their lies, its as if they hit a reset machine. Nothing gets walked back anymore, nothing! I mean seriously, "I didn't say it quite as elegently as I could have"

Excuse me, but WHAT THE HELL MAN? How can you elegantly say your writing off half the nation because they are victims, which in and of itself is a damned lie as well!

I feel as if I am arguing my crazy Uncle at the Thanksgiving Day table anytime policy discussions come up anymore.

And in these times, in a world of normalcy we would have a press that would call these people out for their insanity. However instead, they either trumpet it over and over again or they just ignore the stupid. Imagine if you were standing at a street corner and some crazy person was screaming at the sky "ITS RED ITS RED ITS RED" and instead of the guy standing next to you saying "No its blue, you crazy moron" they turn to you and ask "He says its red, you say its blue" and then turning to the crowd "And that's the argument we see before us"

Listen press, YOUR NOT HELPING. Look up assholes, THE SKY IS BLUE! Stop giving that raving lunatic on the corner air time. Or here, if you do give him air time then please point the camera up and show your viewers how wrong he is!

And here is the thing though. Its only going to get worse. You back a dying animal into a corner and it tends to do crazy things and gets very wild and feral. And right now? We have that elephant backed into a corner. About the only thing we can do is minimize the damage its death throes may cause.

But what about after though?

Will certain parts of the GOP continue to double down or perhaps maybe can a portion of them steer it back to sanity? This nation needs two sides to an argument or debate, but we cannot continue to debate an opponent that doesn't deal in reality. It does nothing to move this nation forward and it continues to make us the laughing stock of the world to many nations.

Thankfully it appears that much of the nation is realizing this. Many in the nation are realizing that right now one side is debating and arguing in good faith while the other side is giving non sequiturs and lies to those questions. And that just doesn't work, we need debate we need compromise at times.

So will the right come back to reality? Honestly I actually hope so because to be honest I'm tired of asking questions about policies and getting answers like


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