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In a previous diary I made, I had raised the question over whether House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa should apologize for his actions when Eric Holder was being questioned over any role he had to do with the Fast and Furious fiasco.

In looking at Rep. Darrell Issa's record, we can see that while he's not a member of the Tea Party Caucus, he's just as bad, if not worse than the Tea Party people within the Republican Party.  Clearly he is more partisan than even he's willing to admit.

However, it has become clear to me that Rep. Darrell Issa will not apologize for this NOR will he apologize for not allowing Sandra Fluke to testify at the Capitol Hill hearing on contraception.  It is evident no matter how many e-mails, phone calls, in-person visits to his offices or up front confrontations are made, Issa won't budge, that he must be defeated for re-election.

Now the perfect anecdote to cure the stain Issa has left on California's 49th Congressional District: electing Democratic candidate Jerry Tetalman.

In the diary I referenced a few paragraphs above, I did point out Jerry Tetalman, his website, his donation page, his volunteer page and that he's a progressive.  Little did I find out that in doing further research on Tetalman that he's an outstanding progressive and that he's been vocal about his views even prior to running for Congress.  This is a man who if elected to Congress, will not be a sell out and will certainly not become a member of the Blue Dog coalition.

Here's a biography of Jerry Tetalman per his campaign website:

Jerry first became politically active as a high school student in Cleveland, Ohio, when he participated in the protest movement to end the Vietnam War. Even after being assaulted by fellow students, he continued undeterred. After graduating from Ohio State University with a B.S. in Nursing, Jerry moved to San Diego and earned a master’s degree in Psychology from the University for Humanistic Studies in 1982. He became the nursing director of a 25-bed mental health unit in San Diego and later worked in the Emergency Room at Tri-City Hospital.

In 1989, Jerry and his wife Kathy (also a nurse) made a career change to become real estate agents and investors. A top-producing agent who won many sales awards, Jerry also bought and improved properties using a team approach that gave employment to many people. In 2004, the Tetalmans started their own real estate and property management company.

In 2002, appalled by the lead-up to George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, Jerry became more politically active. He participated in the anti-war protests around the country and attended the World Federalist Movement’s international meeting in Copenhagen. After extensive research on the topic of war and peace, he joined peace activist Byron Belitso to write and publish One World Democracy: A Progressive Vision for Enforceable Global Law, which won the San Diego Book Award as the best political science book of 2005. In promoting the book and its ideas, Jerry appeared on TV and radio talk shows. He became president of San Diego Citizens for Global Solutions and California Citizens for Global Solutions.

Jerry is a graduate of Peak Potentials Training, an extensive program of entrepreneurial skills, leadership and self-development. He volunteers with the organization, helping people to overcome fear and succeed in business and life. Jerry also has been a member and officer in Toastmaster International. Jerry and Kathy Tetalman have lived in North County since

As you can see above, Jerry Tetalman is by far no Joseph Lieberman, Artur Davis or even a Zell Miller.  He also was one who was never naive like John Kerry or Hilary Clinton were when they voted for the War Resolution in October 2002 that led up to President Bush authorizing troops to invade Iraq.  Tetalman is of the true anti-war brand of Democrats.

However, Jerry Tetalman is more than just an anti-war candidate.  Aside from working in real estate, he also has been a nurse for a good number of years and even ran a mental health facility in the 1980's.  As cited in the following article, Tetalman has a lot to share about his experience running the facility and even on the health care issue as whole:

“You had people come in with all kinds of insurance and all kinds of limitations,” Tetalman said. “You spent more time trying to figure out the insurance than you did treating the patients.”

Thirty years later, health care remains notorious for its cost and its red tape. Yet Tetalman, a registered nurse and real estate agent, says that this situation is improving thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, one of Obama’s signature accomplishments.

“Before, people with pre-existing conditions were shut out of insurance. I’ve talked to a lot of people who said, ‘This has saved my life,’” said Tetalman, who is running against Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, in the 49th Congressional District.

Clearly Jerry Tetalman is not only knowledgeable on the issue of healthcare, he has the experience to prove it.  If anything, he'd be a strong healthcare advocate in Congress.

Anyway, I don't want to go on and on about Jerry Tetalman's history and his views as you can be able to access his website.  I am though posting a number of videos of Tetalman that should give you an idea of who he is as a person and why he'd be a powerful improvement over Rep. Darrell Issa, in addition to being a strong voice for the Democratic Party.

Here's Tetalman speaking at the Unite Against the War on Women Rally:

Here's Tetalman at a U.S. Postal Union meeting in San Diego.  Now this is a pro-union Democrat alright!

Here's Tetalman at a town hall meeting (video is in its entirety).  He's got the brass to even question Mitt Romney's fiscal conservatism!

Here he talks about the environment.  He's wise to point out that caring for the environment doesn't stop with clean air and clean water.  It continues with making sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings that don't pollute.

And here's Tetalman's view on terrorism.  Pay close attention in the video to how he sees the issue of terrorism.

Now you might be wondering what else has Jerry Tetalman done that proves himself to be a strong progressive Democrat?  For starters, he happens to be a co-author of "One World Democracy - A Progressive Vision for Enforceable Global Law."  This book has been endorsed by Benjamin B. Ferencz, Prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials after WWII and Tad Daley, former issues director for Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaigns.  Tetalman has talked about strengthening the United Nations into a more powerful force in the world.  You can find this book at

Here's a young woman on You Tube citing Jerry Tetalman's book in a view she has of the world.  She talks about the lack of knowledge in the world as being one of the problems with achieving real progress.  Clearly Tetalman's book has affected her on a personal level.

So with all I've shared, one thing is clear:  California's 49th Congressional District is not a blue district by any means.  It either leans or trends solid Republican but on the other hand, this is a district in Southern California near the beaches.  It's not a red district in Oklahoma, Texas or Utah.  Besides, if Jerry Tetalman is able to live in the 49th Congressional District for all these years, surely the probability of beating Darrell Issa isn't as bad as you would think.  Or is it?

Still, regardless of the probability, this shouldn't stop any of you from working to get Jerry Tetalman elected should it?  If he isn't elected in 2012, that may not be the end of the world.  A draft could be made to have Tetalman run again for the 49th Congressional District in 2014 and have more time, a greater base and therefore, an even greater chance of beating Darrell Issa.

So are any of you living in the California 49th Congressional District ready to roll?  Any of you not in the district but residents of California willing to lend help?  Any of you not in California but living elsewhere in the U.S. willing to pitch in?  Ready to donate, canvass, do phone banking, wave at cars, write letters to the editor, write and call-in to news stations like MSNBC to cover Jerry Tetalman's campaign?

Here are the necessary links:

Jerry Tetalman for Congress Website:





You Tube Channel:

Finally, here's list of endorsements for Jerry Tetalman:

*California Democratic Party

*All 49th District Democratic Clubs

*Francine Busby.  Yes, you've got that right, Francine Busby: the same Democrat who more than once has challenged Rep. Brian Bilbray for election and re-election

*Radio Host Nicole Sandler

*Citizens for Global Solutions

*National Nurses United

*San Diego County Democratic Party

*California State Association of Letter Carriers

*National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC Branch 1100)

*University Professional and Technical Employees Union (UPTE-CWA 9119) at UCSD

*California State Legislative Board

*California Labor Federation

*Teamsters Local 986

In the meantime, here are videos of Rep. Darrell Issa in action that should get you fired up.

8:01 PM PT: I apologize if any of you are experiencing slow loading of this page on your computers due to the number of videos I've posted.  I couldn't help myself!  I had to post the videos!

Thu Sep 27, 2012 at 12:52 PM PT: For any of you who happen to still be reading this diary, I have already contacted Democracy for America and Crooks & Liars re: Jerry Tetalman.  I plan on doing so for as many pro-Democratic/progressive outlets as I can find.  I encourage you to do the same.


What are you going to do to help Jerry Tetalman beat Rep. Darrell Issa?

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