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Shocking, I know! Of course, once again the gerrymandering of the Texas GOP has done goofed by trying to force Nick Lampson out of politics. Yes, the Nick Lampson that won Tom DeLay's seat and saved the world from Shelley Sekula-Gibbs who makes Michelle Bachmann look like Barbara Jordon. Look it up if you don't believe me!

Now, for reasons beyond me, the Texas GOP decided to carve up a district which contains Lampson's moderate Democrat bases of Galveston and Brazoria county. While these counties were always firmly behind Ron Paul, this special lot also sent Lampson to Congress a couple of times as well.

In fact, take seat here, Lampson is actually leading in the polls in Ron Paul's old district!

New Poll Shows Former Congressman Nick Lampson in Lead for Texas CD-14

by Joe Deshotel, Burnt Orange Report

A new poll of likely voters released by the Nick Lampson for Congress campaign shows the former congressman with a 4 point lead over his Republican challenger State Representative Randy Webber in the battle for CD-14. The open seat (being vacated by Ron Paul) stretches along the Texas Gulf Coast from Brazoria to Jefferson County.

The seat is a target of the DCCC’s Red to Blue campaign in large part because of Lampson’s positive name ID across the district. The poll results are reaffirming. Lampson maintains a 2 to 1 positive rating with the 64% of likely voters familiar with his previous service in Congress. Of that 64%, 56% chose Lampson to Weber’s 35%. That’s a strong majority and crucial since 2/3s of voters are in the very expensive Houston media market. This means Lampson can spend precious campaign funds framing debate that would otherwise be spend introducing himself to voters.

    Total Lampson ………………………………………………. 48%
    Total Weber ………………………………………………… 45% 

    [VOL] Undecided …………………………………………….. 7%

Unlike most Democrats in Texas, Lampson has enough money for TV ads, here is the one currently playing in the district:

Nice ad right? Weber has decided to go with the ol' "You Didn't Build That!" angle.

What Weber fails to  mention as well is he is the co-author of the horrendous Trans-Vaginal Sonar for Abortions bill in Texas. Sadly, this is one of the "nicer" things he had done for women in Texas and his record over-all is rather shocking, even by Texas GOP standards, if one can call them standards at all.

Here's Weber sadly trotting out the old GOP line of repealing regulations:

He's such a brave man, disabling the comments on his YouTubes.

Of course, Weber can't disable debates next week where Lampson might just start to run away with this one. Weber has to run away from his record, Lampson can run on his.

Just wanted to spread a little good news from down where Texas began.

Recommended you say?
Ah heck, then let's use this little ol' limelight to give Lampson some extra cash to run more TV spots, shall we?

Donate Here, Make the Texas GOP Cry

Also, since Nick Lampson was nice enough to thank me, here are his meta digits:

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Being a huge fan of memes, this one from GoGoGoEverton pretty much sums up what might be a very shocking election cycle in Texas:

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