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The Christie Vilsack campaign just sent out a text announcement on two polls

PPP has it 48-45 King over Vilsack with a 4 point margin of error.  The poll surveyed 477 likely voters Mon & Tues, with a partisan distribution 40R - 31 D - 29I

King was viewed  44 positive 45 negative, but the question was not asked about Vilsack

The campaign's own internal poll, from Greenberg, Quinlan Rosner, has it 46-44 King-Vilsack.  The memo from the pollster notes this means Vilsack has cut the margin from 16 points to 2.

Several comments -  
1.  I am a strong supporter of Vilsack, having spent time in district for her last week
2.  My sense from I experienced on the ground is that the momentum is with her
3.  The Obama campaign is continuing a major commitment to IA - they had 64 offices in state, and today, the 1st day of early voting, they had a major effort to get their voters out.

This one is doable.

Christie has money, but could always use more. I hope you will go to her web page to see how you can support her and help us pick up this House seat.

UPDATE   Here is a story from the Ames IA Tribune on the PPP poll

another update below the squiggle

there is another story in the Ames Tribune with the title Vilsack opens up which begins like this:

Christie Vilsack has been criticized for dodging questions and having little to say on vital issues. But in a meeting Wednesday with the Ames Tribune editorial board, Vilsack, a Democrat from Ames who is challenging 4th Congressional District U.S. Rep. Steve King, a Republican from Kiron, covered a variety of topics including federal spending cuts, abortion, gay marriage and the farm bill.
Let me offer just one quote from this piece, which I strongly recommend you read.

The editorial board asked about DOMA, which Vilsack opposes.  

In an interview with the Tribune last week, King spoke about how he’d introduced an amendment this summer to a defense bill that would forbid gay marriages from being performed on military bases. When told about that, Vilsack shook her head.

“What he spends his time on … why?” she said. “If someone is willing to give their life for their country, what difference does it make what their sexual orientation is?”

I realize that some here can find fault with some of Christie Vilsack's positions.  But please remember two things

1.  She CAN defeat Steve King
2.  This is a very conservative district, one in which a pure progressive would have trouble.

I know Christie personally, which is why I went to Iowa to volunteer on her behalf last week.

Read both pieces, the one linked above the fold on the polling data and what it means, and this one on the session with the Tribune's editorial board, which will give you a real sense of Christie's approach and beliefs.

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