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20 years from now, I suspect that the Romney Boys will change their name to Normey or something other than Romney.  The list of issues behind their dad's impending landslide defeat will be too embarassing to endure.

Or maybe, just maybe, the list of slimy tactics we have endured from the GOP Romney campaign will be a boon to this country.  Maybe, dare we dream, the GOP will become banished evermore.

The latest:

Wall Street Journal accused of concealing writers’ Mitt Romney links

Veteran journalists attack Murdoch paper for failure to disclose writers’ political sympathies

The Wall Street Journal has been criticised by senior US journalists for failing to disclose that 10 of its op-ed writers are Mitt Romney advisers.

According to an inquiry by Media Matters, 23 pieces in the WSJ’s op-ed pages attacked President Obama or praised Romney without the writers acknowledging their political connections to Romney.

Damn liberal journalists.  Of course, those of us who read know who these players are; however, many Mesmerized Murdoch devotees will think "Hey, even these smart guys agree with me"

According to a Media Matters review,

the Journal published a total of 23 pieces from the following Romney advisers without disclosing their campaign ties:

John Bolton;
Max Boot;
Lee A. Casey;
Paula Dobriansky;
Mary Ann Glendon;
Glenn Hubbard;
Michael Mukasey;
Paul E. Peterson;
David B. Rivkin Jr.; and
Martin West.

In several instances, the Journal failed to disclose an op-ed writer's connection despite its own news section reporting that the writer is advising Romney.

To read the details of each of the non-disclosed party affiliated op-ed writers, do read this article:

UPDATED: Ten Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Writers Who Weren't Disclosed As Romney Advisers

Originally posted to War on Error on Fri Sep 28, 2012 at 06:52 PM PDT.

Also republished by Community Manifesto Initiative.

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