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I’m going to start with a disclaimer, that I really enjoy coming here.  It lifts my spirits and gives me hope for an enlightened future.  The amount of individual expertise here is unmatched anywhere else that I have seen.  I look forward to each visit for the nuggets of wisdom scattered along the way, and for the courteous manner in which everyone is treated.  It is almost like a liberal think tank for the web.  So for that, I thank you all.

But, it is an island.  A rather large one, as islands go, but is still just a small outpost in a sea of conservative hostility.  It is self reinforcing, and at times, limiting by giving the false impression that everyone agrees on the same issues.  Comments to the diaries become a case of preaching to the choir because everyone already agrees with the sermon.  The point that comes to mind is when I see the refrain of “Mitt’s done”,  “His campaign is over”, “might as well pack it in”, -but yet, there isn’t even a blip on the overall radar, and nothing has really changed.  I know I’m not saying anything revolutionary, the statisticians out there could explain in depth about the dangers of skewed, small samplings, and state the issues much better than I could.

My real point is just over the county line...

I said that so I could say this:  There are places on the internet that are grossly under represented by liberal comments to their published articles.
I know there are many here that fight the good fight on Drudge, Redstate, Politico, and others. I commend you for venturing into foreign territory, and want to assure you that it does make a difference to see you representing the righteous way.  You will probably not change the minds of any of the commenters that you are arguing with, but there are many who read without posting, and we notice.  I have no idea how many of the silent masses that you might sway, but I do know that reading your rebuttals strengthens my resolve, as well as providing ammunition for my later arguments.

But there is one site that I know of, where we are vastly out numbered, and that is Yahoo.  (I heard those collective groans make it all the way back through to my computer speakers).
I’m sure there are other highly visited sites, but that is one I’m a little more familiar with.
Yes, I know it may seem to be an intellectual wasteland, but that is where the undecided voters read their articles.  The political junkies are going to their respective sites, but the undecided, (dare I say) casual voters do not, and they will read the Yahoo comments instead.

I also believe that the Republicans see the advantage of a presence there, and pay people to post there (but that is just my speculation, and I will not go into depth about that here).
But I do believe that taking the fight to there is time well spent.  The audience is huge.  It is not uncommon for an article to have 5,000 –10,000 comments, and that could easily represent just 10% of the viewers.  Posting there is not for the faint of heart however.  The conservatives (actually, the Obama Haters, emphasis on Hate) are abundant and vocal, and can be quite intimidating.  That is just more reason why it is the good fight.  They get their strength in numbers, and often back down when confronted with the facts.  I have to remind myself of this quote whenever I comment:  “We do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”.  Also, as a strategy: “Never argue with a fool, …” which keeps me in perspective that I am commenting for the general audience, not in rebuttal to a particular person (who is only doing their job, being paid and all).  I have also seen many a good person enraged by feedback, never to return again, which makes me feel sad, disappointed, and even more determined.

In closing, I come here today to enlist your efforts to fight the tide of vile, base hatred that exists on Yahoo, of which many of those readers feel represents the tone of the overall country.  We can’t let them have that kind of exposure without putting up a fight.  Do not abandon your efforts to GOTV and such, but if you have a few spare minutes, go to Yahoo and ‘thumbs down’ a hundred comments or so (it won’t take long, trust me), and maybe post a comment or two yourself.  If you find 'cut and pasteable' arguments that you feel would be helpful for others who would post there, please add them to this diary (or better yet, start a diary where it could get good exposure), we can use all the ammunition we can get to their (obviously) canned posts.

I cannot guarantee any results, nor even speculate about any impact, of having a larger liberal presence on Yahoo, I just know that it is highly read, and vastly under represented by liberal comments.  It is but another battleground, where the “liberal MSM” lie goes uncontested.

Thanks for listening.

p.s. a few hints that may be useful if you decide to join us there:
(these are for the non-facebook comments, those have more of a blogger/non-anonymous strategy).

-Do not waste your time responding to comments.  It will only sap your energy and get very few views.  That is part of their plan, to draw you in where few will see and drain your resolve.  If you must respond to a comment posted to one of your own posts, wait a half hour or so.  It then looks like they conceeded to your final argument, for they will very rarely come back, and they give up easily.  They are looking for shock value.

-If you want to rebut a statement, include it in a new comment.  But, do not lead with it.  Actually, it is better to state the rebuttal as a fact without even mentioning the original statement you are refuting,  that makes them spend their time and energy rebutting you.

-If your comment is longer than a few lines, be sure to have just a few key lines in a hard paragraph to begin the comment.  Long comments without any hint of break will result in a comment that shows up only as “more…”, and few people will click on it to read what you said.

-Courtesy goes along way.  Profane comments don’t seem to get much traction, and they sound just like the repubs.  Facts always trump lies and slander.  (obvious, I know).  Kill them with kindness.  Sarcasm is your ace in the hole.  Remember, it is the silent reader that is the real audience.  Convince –them-.

-A “thumbs down” does mean something.  Others are more inclined to reinforce the disagreement when there is already a “thumbs down”.  An unanimous/uncontested comment is the worst  Same for “thumbs up” on comments you agree with, you would be surprised how that will encourage the poster against the hate.
The “thumbs” method of polling has a subconscious effect, part of the “herd” mentality, but it is real, and should be used to our advantage, or at minimum, to prevent them from gaining an advantage.

p.p.s  this is my first diary, so please be kind .

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  •  thanks, good notes for commenting, my (8+ / 0-)

    email is via yahoo, so I go there every day, never spend
    much time with articles/comments. will look into it.

  •  Having my main e-mail there I have noticed.... (8+ / 0-)

    That its very likely there are people paid to go through the articles and be overly republican in both post and up/down rates.

    I would be shocked if that were not the case....

    Not only can a small group of dedicated people change the world, its the only thing that ever has.

    by fToRrEeEsSt on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 04:01:52 PM PDT

    •  Do users determine which articles show up top (0+ / 0-)

      ..or is it something that their 'news' department determines. I also feel it is misleading to put op-eds under 'news' and that these should be separated as they would be in a newspaper. Wording of article titles also shows a bias often.  
          They definitely want people to read these items as they show up right under your new email when you log in. The inflammatory and often misleading titles are click bait as well.
         I do think that the grade-school level of rudeness and vulgar comments would turn off most swing voters.

  •  I can't stomach it but thanks for your efforts (7+ / 0-)

    There. We all have our abilities. I admire your ability to wade into what feels like junior high school. Just like I admire those who can tolerate wingnut websites.

    I'm too much of an asshole.

    I guess I feel like Yahoo just always feels like your reading the comments of 12 year olds. I guess that's why I never took it seriously. My gut says a lot of the commenters are just being troll-y just because they can. I'll admit thinking that these are part of the 40-45% of Americans who literally don't even vote. I'm sure I could be wrong. But I probably wouldn't spend much time on a snooki fan site either. But that's me. You rock! Keep at it.

    BTW, stick around. We're pretty agreeable right now because there's an election happening. But starting November 7 (or maybe 8th - some of us will need time to recover from our drunken revelry of election night), you'll find the choir gone. In other words, we disagree a lot. No, I mean it. A lot. Really really a lot.

    For the record, I am not a member of Courtesy Kos. Just so you know. Don't be stupid. It's election season. My patience is short.

    by mdmslle on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 04:06:42 PM PDT

  •  Thanks for the diary (8+ / 0-)

    and especially for the good guidance at the end. Can I repost that elsewhere with attribution? I thought it was some good suggestions.

    And agree with mdmslle, above. We are fairly united at the moment, because it's election season and our side seems to have a good game plan and to be executing it well.

    OTOH, you should see this place during primary season. HAH!

    Glad to have you -- write more!

    Bruce in Louisville
    Visit me at,, or
    Follow me on Twitter @brucewriter or @ThreePols

    by bmaples on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 04:16:00 PM PDT

  •  We're Also Underrepresented in the Democratic (3+ / 0-)

    Party and that's where I'd prefer to concentrate my efforts once the election is past. I'm not that good taking on masses of ordinary people.

    You have a good point though and I hope you get some traction & make a difference.

    We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy.... --ML King "Beyond Vietnam"

    by Gooserock on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 04:21:51 PM PDT

  •  This was more of a concern five-six years ago. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    sc kitty

    Back in the 2003-2006 time frame comments on Yahoo carried a lot more weight than they do now, not the least of which reason is because Yahoo has altered its commenting format and message boards io the point where they're not particularly compelling or attractive. But the primary reason is the rise of sites like this one, like TPM, like HuffPo which provide liberals with not only an alternative forum but also the satisfaction of knowing that what we see on the Yahoo boards is not particularly representative of the reality of public opinion.  The fact is that the Yahoo trolls are recognizable as trolls, and because of this they're considerably less effective.  Because they troll in packs, and make themselves seem "bigger" than life (by multiple recs under different ID's that make it look like a post has been "approved" hundreds of times when in reality it's been approved by seven people seventy times), honestly I believe they are now such a turnoff that fewer people looking for legitimate discourse will waste their time there.

  •  I understand the arguments against Yahoo, (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Another Grizzle, KenBee

    and agree that efforts there may well be futile.  OTOH, they are a gauntlet thrown.  I cannot stand by allowing the proliferation of lies to go unchecked.  I just hope there are a few others that feel the same, and will join me there, windmills or not.

    Like I said, I cannot guarantee any results.  But I do know that alot of people I know read them, and they do not go to political sites for their information.  If I am able to sway 1 person, or encourage another to be active, or just vote, then I feel I have accomplished something.  Not to be rude, but I know I will not convince anyone here, nor do I need to.

    It's all about allocation of resources.  I have explored the local races in my deep deep red state, and feel that efforts there are wasted.  However, I can get feedback from posts on yahoo, so someone is at least reading them, and maybe that might help.  Who knows, but at least I thought I would issue a call to arms, and anyone with a little time can joist a little there, and who knows.
    At least, you get to know the enemy.

    So I'm betting on the butterfly effect.  A small point made in a sea of noise just might be the lighthouse someone is searching for.   One never knows when or where a few extra votes might come in handy, nor do we really understand why people vote the way they do.
    All I do know, is that we are out numbered there, and reinforcements would be welcome.
    Thanks for listening.

  •  Does Drudge allow comments? (0+ / 0-)

    Repubs started up the car, hit the throttle and sent it over the cliff, and now they're complaining that the black guy hasn't fixed it fast enough.

    by Bush Bites on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 05:10:14 PM PDT

  •  I'm over there with ya. (5+ / 0-)

    battering the bozo's in a way you couldn't get away with over here.

    but yeah, they seem to own the place, though there are a number of more left-leaning people.

    I think it is important to really crank down on the worst of them

    Jay  •  8 hrs ago Report Abuse
    Well you never know. Maybe Obummer may win if they can get all the dems out of their parents basements and bring them to vote.
    My reply
    Jay - that's all you have, right? That's a great projection.

    I know you'll mount your Medicare-supplied scooter, don your tricorn hat, sling your AK-47 over your shoulder, stick a wad of bakker in yer mouth, fire up that old trans am with the peeling super-chicken sticker, make your one of your numerous inbred kids carry the extra-clips so you can go waste your vote for a man who will accelerate the demise of this economy despite your pathetic belief system.

    You can think me Nov 7th when Obama is re-elected and we can breath a little easier for the next four years.

    If I don't misspell some words they can't understand a thing I say.

    It's a waste of good time, but some fun for me.

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

    by xxdr zombiexx on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 05:26:17 PM PDT

  •  Having wandered into Yahoo, I agree about the tone (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Another Grizzle, My Spin, KenBee

    I have left comments from time to time, generally with the sense that I was shoveling against the tide.  

  •  Tnx for signing up to DKOS to tell us about YAHOO (0+ / 0-)
    I’m going to start with a disclaimer, that I really enjoy coming here
    I commend you for venturing into foreign territory, and want to assure you that it does make a difference to see you representing the righteous way.
    But there is one site that I know of, where we are vastly out numbered, and that is Yahoo.
    In closing, I come here today to enlist your efforts to fight the tide of vile, base hatred that exists on Yahoo, of which many of those readers feel represents the tone of the overall country.  We can’t let them have that kind of exposure without putting up a fight.

    TheDuckManCometh's Profile
    UID: 530005
    Joined: Sep 6, 2012
    Diaries published: 1

    Ref. link- profile:

  •  Man, I tried, but . . . (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    . . . teh stoopid, it burns!

    I first ventured into one about Akin, and it seemed fairly benign. Then I got to the one about Obama not stooping to zingers. Man, was that a hoot.

    It would be interesting to see how many unique commentors there are. Many of them just kept blasting away with different versions of the same comment. One guy had about 10 in a row about some Obama sex murder thing. Lots of tin foil hats, lots of klan robes.

    Overall it seemed maybe 65%R/35%D, but there was a real brain vacuum. You can see where they get their news.

    - The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes.
    - Aristotle

    by rudyblues on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 09:11:10 PM PDT

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