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Tonight's debate in Lowell at the Tsongas Arena is the 2nd debate between Senator Scott Brown(Republican) and Elizabeth Warren(Democrat).   NECN said the crowd was at about 5,300.   David Gregory will moderate tonight's debate.

In Olympia's diary, it was noted that the debate will be televised on WHDH-7, CSPAN, and on NECN.  

The debate is being streamed online at and at and

 It is being aired on radio and television stations, including WBZ-AM and WHDH-TV (Channel 7) in Boston and New England Cable News. CBS 3 in Springfield will air the debate on its digital channel and online. Video will be available on the UMass Lowell website after Oct. 1.


Full disclosure, I volunteer for Elizabeth Warren(I phone bank and I enter data) and I also do the same for my State Senator, Jamie Eldridge.   I will try to type what is said as quickly as I can.   I will summerize more than doing a word-for-word transcipt.  If a "sound bite" is said, I will quote it to the best of my ability.  Feel free to comment or add to what I am typing

4:00 PM PT: David Gregory says good evening.

4:01 PM PT: Gregory says debate will be "Meet the Press" style

4:02 PM PT: Begin with the personal.  Gregory asks Warren about her Native-American heritage.   "Do you consider yourself a minority?"

4:02 PM PT: Warren "My mother told me about who I was".

4:03 PM PT: Warren says she never used her heritage to apply for college, work, etc.

4:03 PM PT: Gregory asks Brown if he thinks she's a "liar"

4:03 PM PT: Brown says Warren has failed test of her character.

4:04 PM PT: Brown claims Warren was white until 38, and then says she self-reported herself as Native-American.

4:04 PM PT: claims she "changed who she was twice".

4:05 PM PT: Brown again requests Warren to release her personnel records.

4:05 PM PT: Warren reiterates that she never used her heritage for college, law school and Harvard.

4:06 PM PT: "character is how you've lived your life" Warren

4:06 PM PT: Warren "taught generations of students"

4:06 PM PT: Warren says she wishes she was quicker to answer.

4:07 PM PT: Also she mentioned that her mother had talked about Warren's heritage all of her life.

4:08 PM PT: "To try to turn this into something bigger is wrong' Warren

4:08 PM PT: Gregory brings up Brown's "kings and queens" quote and asks him if he had exaggerated.

4:09 PM PT: Brown brings up mistakes like his election night speech mentioned that his daughter was available.

4:09 PM PT: Gregory mentioned that Brown always calls her "Professor" and asks Warren if Brown is needling her and if that bothers her.

4:10 PM PT: Warren says Brown calling her Professor doesn't bother her.

4:10 PM PT: Gregory brings up both of their legal work.  Brown mentions his real-estate clients.

4:11 PM PT: Warren says Brown had represented banks and mortgage companies.

4:11 PM PT: Brown denies that he has to provide a list of clients.

4:11 PM PT: Brown says he is a real-estate attorney and mentions small banks

4:12 PM PT: Brown mentions LTE Steel and Warren's association with it.

4:12 PM PT: Also brings up Travelers Insurance and attacks again on asbestos.

4:13 PM PT: Brown denies that Travelers would set up a trust for asbestos victims and claims Warren was a "hired gun"

4:13 PM PT: Brown brings up that she was paid a quarter of million.   Keeps mentioning that Warren had a choice to take on clients.

4:14 PM PT: Warren "I am a teacher".    Mentions her consumer advocacy.

4:14 PM PT: Says she was there to protect individuals from being "run over" by banks and others.

4:15 PM PT: Warren says Brown's asbestos attacks are wrong, and mentions that she has gone to SCOTUS to represent asbestos victims.

4:15 PM PT: "Asbestos victims says Brown is wrong"

4:16 PM PT: Asbestos victims and attorneys say that Brown's attacks are misleading

4:17 PM PT: Brown says Travelers would not pay quarter of a mil to protect asbestos victims.

4:17 PM PT: Warren mentions that asbestos cases was insurance company vs. insurance company

4:17 PM PT: Brown says he is a "union member".   Really Scott?

4:18 PM PT: "Senator Brown is making things up"   Warren.

4:18 PM PT: "Senator Brown is the one who is not working with the unions".   Brings up her union endorsements.

4:19 PM PT: Gregory changes subject, wants to talk about national politics and bipartisanship.

4:19 PM PT: Gregory asks if Brown would be a dependable ally for Romney

4:20 PM PT: Brown claims he'd vote 50% for GOP, 50% for Democrats

4:20 PM PT: also again touts himself as the least partisan Senator in Washington.

4:21 PM PT: Brown claims he reads the bills, unlike others.

4:21 PM PT: Gregory presses Brown on running away from Romney

4:22 PM PT: Brown claims Romney is running nationally, but he's running in Massachusetts.   Brings up national debt

4:23 PM PT: Gregory brings up Ted Kennedy's legacy and asks Warren which Republicans she'd work with in Washington.

4:23 PM PT: Warren said Lugar, but he won't be there.   Brings up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

4:24 PM PT: brings up experience as part of a bipartisan commission.

4:24 PM PT: Warren is in the race for working families, she says

4:24 PM PT: Gregory asks Brown about Mitch McConnell

4:25 PM PT: Brown says he was told McConnell that he is disgusted by what is happening in Washington

4:26 PM PT: claims he is an independent.   Brings up Snowe, Carper, Lugar.   I didn't catch the other name.

4:26 PM PT: Warren says that Brown has tried to get national GOP support to obstruct Obama's agenda.

4:27 PM PT: Warren says Brown voted in lockstep to kill one jobs bill.

4:27 PM PT: Mentioned that Brown voted in lockstep to kill two other jobs bills.

4:28 PM PT: Brown says it was a bipartisan rejection of jobs bills.

4:28 PM PT: "I am not a student in your classroom.  Let me speak"  Brown.   Crowd boos him.

4:29 PM PT: Claims Warren would have voted against unemployment to raise taxes.

4:30 PM PT: Gregory wants to talk about fiscal cliff, debt and Simpson-Bowles

4:30 PM PT: Asks Brown if he'd vote yes or not to Simpson-Bowles

4:31 PM PT: Brown claims Reid prevented up-and-down vote on Simpson-Bowles.

4:31 PM PT: Brown claims health care bill increased taxes.

4:32 PM PT: repeats anti-union NFIB talking points.

4:32 PM PT: Brown says he voted against ethanol subsidies, and says he would keep mortgage interest deductions

4:33 PM PT: Warren says Brown signed Norquist tax pledge

4:33 PM PT: Warren brings up Buffett Rule and Brown voting no to it.

4:33 PM PT: Warren says Brown voted to keep Big Oil subsides.

4:34 PM PT: Warren reminds us that Brown voted against tax breaks for 98% of America and held those hostage for the Bush tax cuts for the Top 2%

4:35 PM PT: Gregory asks about Simpson-Bowles to Warren and whether she'd approve $3 trillion in cuts with revenue increases.   Warren says she would have a "balanced approach" but doesn't answer on S-B

4:36 PM PT: Brown talks energy and All of the Above.   Brings up Warren against Keystone pipeline.

4:36 PM PT: "Buffett Rule funds government for a day"  Brown

4:37 PM PT: Brown attacks Warren for not voluntarily paying more taxes.

4:37 PM PT: claims that he opposes tax increases and that he's the fiscal conservative.   And now, a break.

4:40 PM PT: Debate is back.

4:41 PM PT: Introduces a Umass-Lowell student's question for Warren.   Asks about jobs

4:41 PM PT: Warren supports Obama jobs bills.

4:41 PM PT: "repair roads and bridges"

4:42 PM PT: Disappointed Brown voted against the jobs bills.

4:42 PM PT: Long term, invest in the future.   Cheers for her as she talks about it.

4:43 PM PT: "new energy, clean energy....biotech"

4:43 PM PT: Warren says we need a good Federal partner.

4:44 PM PT: Gregory directs Brown to answer the same question.   Brings up "regulatory and tax certainty"

4:44 PM PT: Brown blames tax policy

4:45 PM PT: Brown says we need to work together and not raise taxes.

4:45 PM PT: Gregory starts to ask about immigration

4:46 PM PT: Warren wanted to rebut Brown, but Gregory said they have to move on to thew next question.

4:46 PM PT: Another student question.   Do you support or oppose the DREAM Act?

4:47 PM PT: Brown answers first.   Says he is in favor of full legal immigration, but says he opposes DREAM Act.  Some boos.

4:47 PM PT: attacks Warren for supporting in-state tuition for undocumented.

4:48 PM PT: Brown wants to focus on H1B visas.

4:48 PM PT: Warren strongly supports DREAM Act.   Cheers outweigh boos.

4:48 PM PT: "Immigration reform needs to happen now"  Warren

4:49 PM PT: Gregory asks about foreign policy and Afghanistan

4:49 PM PT: Warren wants troops out as soon as possible.   Wants them out before President's timeline

4:50 PM PT: Brown brings up his National Guard service

4:51 PM PT: Supported his surge and timetable.   Disagree on timing though.

4:51 PM PT: Would rely on President on recommitting troops to Afghanistan

4:52 PM PT: Brown to a Gregory question:   Scalia is his favorite SCOTUS judge.   Audience boos that.

4:52 PM PT: Warren's favorite SCOTUS justice is Kagan.

4:52 PM PT: Gregory asks Warren about why Massachusetts has never elected a female Senator

4:53 PM PT: Warren says she is working on that.   Gregory then asks Brown about John Kerry as SecState

4:54 PM PT: Missed some of Brown's answer.   Gregory asks both to say something that they like about their opponent.

4:54 PM PT: Gregory brings up the Red Sox.   Asks Warren if Bobby Valentine should stay or be fired.  Warren says give Valentine another year.

4:55 PM PT: Brown says Red Sox needs to be better next year.   Gregory then asks them to give their closing statements.

4:55 PM PT: Brown says he's from here, married a Waltham girl.

4:55 PM PT: claims he's the People's Senator.

4:57 PM PT: Warren says she is not a professional politician and entered race because working families getting hammered.   Brown had some good votes but too often stands with billionaires.

4:57 PM PT: Gregory thanks sponsers and Brown and Warren shake hands.

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