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Buddy sent this to me from his Fox watching Dad. His dad is pretty funny and raw. If he is off the Romney train, it can't be good for Mitt...

Dear Son,

I gotta admit, I hate writing this note, but I am happy to announce this to you. I am a bit upset about writing it because I am leaving something I have felt comfortable with my whole life, but recently, I haven’t felt so good about these folks.  Let me get to the point… You officially can tell all of your hippie buddies that I am no longer voting Republican and I will be voting for the Democrats.  

Don’t be shocked or make a big deal out of it because this Republican Party made this decision easier than you could ever know. The final straw was that Romney and his 47% comment.  Look, you gotta be President of all the US not just the folks that vote for you.  And even if he didn’t mean it like it sounds, you gotta go out and try to get ALL the votes, not just people that look like me and you.  That guy really crapped the bed with that comment.  AND THEN the freakin’ plane comment!  I know why they don’t have windows on planes and I learned that from The Twilight Zone years ago.

I watched both conventions, because I always do.  Usually I watch the Democrats so I can make fun of them, but this time I found myself doing that with the Republicans.  That fat bastard Chris Christy looked like the Belishi Saturday Night Live skit with they guy ho jumps around the Update table. His wife didn’t impress me.  She came off as one of those country club broads that talk bad about the help behind their backs.  And that Ryan comes off like somebody I wouldn’t like.  He is like that Eddie Haskell.  Mainly, I watched Romney’s speech and it was just crap.  Nothing in his speech got me ready to jump off my chair and go vote for him.  He looks like a real stiff; like a boss who comes down to the mailroom and doesn’t know how to talk to the staff.  They even made Clint Eastwood look like a doddering old man!

Then I watch the Democrats.  First Obama’s wife comes out there looking like fine wine and gives a great speech.  Then “Slick Willie” Clinton comes out there and explains what is going on so a 3 year old can understand it.  And finally the President comes out and knocks it out makes me feel like America is one team who may be down, but not out.  He’s like Casey Stangel.  Oh yeah, and I really like that Biden now too.  He is a guy I can talk to and his wife ain’t to hard on the eyes either.  Neither is that Michigan governor.  Anyway, Obama talks about working together like we did back when I was your age.  Being one America and that our best times are ahead of us if we act like a country and not a bunch of snot nosed, whiney punks.  That guy is a winner and I vote for winners!

Did you notice that Romney didn’t even mention the troops?  I knew I had a problem with him when he put that dog on the roof of his car.  At first I thought it was funny like that Vacation movie, but then after he didn’t mention the troops I thought about that yokel, Johnson.  Back in the 60’s he got caught picking up his dog by the ears and said that the stupid dog liked it.  What dumb ass dog likes being picked up by the ears? He was terrible to the troops. He sent a ton of boys to their deaths in Vietnam and kept escalating the thing.  The way Romney treated his dog tells me he would treat troops crappy too because if you got no respect for the family dog, you wont have any respect for a kid from Iowa who you got no connection with.  I see Obama with that dog of his and he loves that mutt. And now this Romney sounds like he wants to fight Iran. How are we gonna fight Iran?  What is wrong with this guy?  This Obama will take care of it.  If that Iran gets a nuke, he’ll bomb their ass and take care of it.  He took care of those pirates and that Osama Bin Laden; he can take care of that bullshit out there.

The Republicans also pissed me off with this voting stuff and always asking Obama for his birth certificate.  That is the type of shit we used to fight against.  Romney’s dad, George, left Republican Convention because they were disrespecting the blacks and I supported that guy for doing that.  It showed balls to do what was right, now his son is doing the exact opposite trying to take the vote from the blacks, the Latin’s and the old people. And what is he doing with that hump Trump with the birth certificate.  You know they are doing that because Obama is black.  They should ask me about my certificate.  I’m white and have no idea where that thing is because I’m old and white.  

Talk about being old.  You think I want some damned voucher for my healthcare?  Your mother yells at me because I can’t find my glasses, how am I gonna keep up with at damned voucher.  That is how I know Romney and Ryan don’t care about the old folks, they are suggesting things that just don’t work for us.

So I am voting for the black guy.
  He has a good story, he has done some real good this last four years and seems to get real Americans.  I know I used to crap on him, but look, I voted for Bush the second time to screw with you.  I figured what else could he screw up?  Then all that crap with the banks came.  Obama was dealt a bad hand, but he is running the table with it.  God bless him.  He is a winner in my book.


PS Don’t tell your mom what I said about Michelle Obama, Biden’s wife and the Michigan governor woman.  I still love her, but she has a jealous streak that I don’t want to get going.

Wed Oct 10, 2012 at 2:50 PM PT: This is legit for those who think it isn't.  I joined just to share this because I wanted to get this note out in the ether because the last thing we need is a Romney Ryan presidency.  Anyway we can convince people legitimately, we should do it because this is way too important.  If my friends dad is upset, how many others are out there, but need a letter like this to give them the courage to say, "Enough is enough."  Pass it around!

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