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Ahhh, Kelly Reindfleisch just keeps on trying to avoid her day in court.  She's a former top aide to Scott Walker charged with 3 felony counts of misconduct in office for extensive political work done on Milwaukee County taxpayer time and in Milwaukee County facilities (the County Executives office).

So far, she's been unsuccessful at trying to suppress evidence, move her trial to a Republican friendly county, have the charges against her dropped by claiming that a decades old immunity deal covered her (yes, she did exactly the same thing a decade ago during the infamous Wisconsin Caucus Scandal, but got immunity from prosecution for her cooperation with prosecutors), and has been trying to get all those damning emails thrown out as evidence because she claimed that they were "private".

John Doe prosecutors say that a secret router was installed inside an amoire in the Milwaukee County Executives office during Scott Walkers term so personal email accounts could be used to subvert mandatory archiving and open records laws.  Aides used personal laptop computers and private email accounts to do extensive political and fundraising work while on duty and being paid by Milwaukee County taxpayers.

Reindflischs attorney hasn't been satisfied with the rejections of his motions in the past and has extensively appealed each one with the exact same result.  Last month, he attempted to gain a delay in the start of her October 15 trial by citing the pending decision on the appeal.  The appeals court rejected that request saying that they would try to issue their ruling prior to the trial - and they have.

A state appeals court says personal e-mails can be used against a former Milwaukee County Walker aide charged with felony misconduct in office.

Yesterday the appellate court said it would not consider Rindfleisch’s appeal – but she could raise the issue again if she’s convicted. It was the third time the appellate court refused or rejected various appeals from the 43-year-old Rindfleisch. Last month the court rejected her claim that she’s immune from charges, because of a deal she struck a decade ago while working as a State Capitol aide during the Legislature’s caucus scandal.

Having one of these John Doe trials start will provide plenty of insight into the expanding Probe of activities in Scott Walkers Milwaukee County Executives office.  So far only informations from served search warrants and indictments has been available.  Former Walker aides have been scrambling to delay their trials until after the November election, most notaably former Walker top aide Tim Russell who has changed lawyers 5 times in order to gain delays.

Additionally, Scott Walker himself is on the potential witness list for the prosecution in both the Kelly Reindfleisch and Tim Russell trials and, if called, will be under oath.

Here are the trial dates as of now:

October 8, 2012:  Start of the trial for Kevin Kavanaugh

October 15, 2012:  Start of the trial for Kelly Reindfleisch.

November 21, 2012:  Sentencing for Darlene Wink (plea bargain/cooperating).  This date was delayed at the request of prosecutors to ensure continuing cooperation.

December, 2012:  Start of the trial for Tim Russell

Stay tuned for more.


Originally posted to Puddytat on Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 10:52 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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