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Below are vids of Candidate Romney since 1994.  It is interesting to note that Romney doesn't seem to change his repertoire over the years.  Romney Redux has worked for him in the past.  You would think he would have re-tooled for the Presidential election.  I think after you review the vids below, you will agree that he hasn't.

Tonight's debate is going to focus on the economy so I want to begin this compilation with then Governor Romney's "Excuses for not creating jobs" vid taken during a press conference and dated after a few years as a failing Governor.  

Quotes from the vid:

"You guys are bright enough to look at the numbers."

We're the, you know, we're one part of that equation, but not the whole equation.
A lot of it is outside of our control, it's federal, it's international, it's private sector.

But I'm very pleased that over the last a 2, 2 and a half, years we've seen pretty consistent job growth. 50,000 new jobs created, some great companies.

We just had, last week, Samsonite* announced their headquarters moving here. Companies outside Massachusetts moving in to Massachusetts.

*Btw, the Samsonite job creation example is FUNNY.  Bain Capital was part owner of Samsonite, killed thousands of jobs in Colorado, and moved a couple of hundred office crew to Massachusetts.  Details here:

Samsonite Jobs Mitt Brought to Mass? Bain Capital Was One of Owners

In short, Bain and two other entities HARVESTED Samsonite in 2003 and sold Samsonite in 2007.  One has to wonder if there was any collusion.

Like Bill Clinton said, it takes BRASS to accuse the other guy of what you are guilty of.

Mitt has lots of brass, just not much class.

For a walk through Candidate Romney's history, see the vids below.


Romney left Mass. on 212 days in '06 Visited 35 states; built a national network

One has to wonder if Mitt Romney did any Bain work while travelling almost THE ENTIRE YEAR!

Romney, Abortion 1994 - He was for abortion

Compare with Romney, Abortion 2012 - now he's not

Here's a 2002 Romney ad when he ran for Governor:

"Here's my dream for Massachusetts.....Bring great jobs here.....We just need leadership....I'll work very hard to be a Governor you can be proud of"

Mitt, 2002 Debate

Will Mitt get away with the same, in retrospect, BS he used during the Mass Governor race?  You know the spiel:  "I'm a business success, I know how to run a country."

2006 Press Conference "It's not a tax, it's a fee"

In this video the FACTS of how poorly Governor Romney did are interlaced with the facts of what actually happened:

When Governor Romney left office, 71% said they would not vote for him again.

And, really?  Romney's team just keeps repeating the same old, same old.  

Listen to this 2008 ad Team Romney used when he ran and lost the nomination.

Here's a 2012 Romney ad

Mitt Romney's 2012 ads have reached a new low, however.  Team Romney has no reservations about lying. This ad is a blatant lie about President Obama

DID ALEC SET THIS ONE UP?  Ok, I'll bet the farm I don't have that ALEC and the GOP Govs got together and set this one up.  You see, the GOP Govs asked this administration for "waivers", the administration asked for proof of how the State's were going to proceed, and with proof the the GOPs Governors plans to keep people working, the Administration granted some waivers.

The truth:  Romney hits Obama on welfare, again

(CBS News) Despite detailed fact checks that say President Obama's alterations to the welfare program don't "gut" the program's work requirement, Mitt Romney's campaign is out with a new TV ad saying it does.

As governor in 2005, Mitt Romney signed a letter asking the Senate, which was debating welfare reauthorization, for "increased waiver authority."

Will Candidate Romney dare to lodge this lie tonight?


This is a great video.  It interlaces Romney's canned talking points with Obama's talking points.  

Will we hear these same phrases Romney Redux talking points, his zingers, during the debates?

I honestly can't imagine anything new Romney might express, can you?

Does the Debate Moderator have any responsibility beyond asking a question?

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    It's difficult to be happy knowing so many suffer. We must unite.

    by War on Error on Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 01:28:17 PM PDT

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    Yet I'll be sitting the debate out (like most of my family) we know who we are voting for.  In fact we have pretty much decided to ignore television for the most part due to the election season.

    To me the election is getting to the hate filled point of the 2008 General Election after the Democratic Primary.  Republicans are out lambasting President Obama as they did Senator Obama.  Personally its getting way beyond that - especially from the video released in Denver of Romney supporters passing Obama supporters with a cardboard President Obama (via crooksandliars).

    So like my family - I'll be reading the highlights and hoping for the best tonight. But really the fact the video above is from Denver, where the debate will be held tonight, I cannot help but feel that Romney will be pushing to have his supporters out in force to make some noise... And what noise that will be.  Hateful and vile.

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