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Romney spewed more lies tonight than any of us could possibly list, but the journalists will be poring over them for the next week, and matching them up with Romney's previous statements. Obama hung back and let Mitt hang himself. Mitt abandoned his platform, his campaign, his party tonight.

Obama wasn't aggressive, wasn't rude, wasn't smug. He gave his critics nothing new to put in a campaign ad. Romney has provided a wealth of lies to be used as contrast to his previous positions and statements.

I'm watching heads explode on MSNBC right now, but I think they missed it. Hayes and Sharpton seem to get it, the rest are disappointed that Obama wasn't an aggressive belligerent, as if he ever played that role.

I'm not worried, Obama has this.

update: thanks for the props, folks!  I have to teach in the morning, so I can't stick around to participate in the comments. Thinking over my initial impressions of the debate, all I can see is Romney being a rude, lying, prick. Obama was all class and reserve.I find the latter to be a more presidential demeanor. I think Romney's combative stance (and I'll give him some points for passion) made him look more like a bully than a winner. I just don't see how all of his lies will withstand the light of day for the rest of the week.

second update: It was a delight to check in this morning and see this at the top of the rec list! As I think back on last night's debate, I can't get the image out of my mind of Romney as the Obnoxious Used Car Salesman. He's trying to convince us to abandon the reliable and trusty transportation we have now, and is strong-arming us towards the shiny new repaint job on the same old lemon. And he's working very hard to keep us from looking under the hood, because he knows there's no engine in it.

I think a lot of the frustration some felt after the debate has a lot more to do with Romney walking walking all over Jim Lehrer, and Lehrer's failure to moderate the debate. I would have like to see Obama step in a begin moderating, but that has never been his style.

I still can't fathom all of the opposing positions and all of the contradictions in Mitt's "performance" last night. Did he convince any of you that he has any kind of plan?

Final thought: "He won the battle but lost the war." Romney may have come across as the alpha male attack dog last night, but there are two more debates, and Romney will have to defend all of the crap he spewed last night. The only important question is: Did Mitt Romney convince you last night that he is the better candidate?

As I said earlier, don't worry, Obama's got this.


Did Mitt Romney convince you last night that he is the better candidate for President of the United States?

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92%2051 votes

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