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Good grief . . . why oh why is Chris Matthews telling the President of the United States to watch MSNBC for debate tips?

Why is Ed Schultz making up something about President Obama privatizing Social Security?

Why is everyone pretending that where the President was looking when Mitt Romney was talking is more important than the fact that Mitt Romney LIED HIS FACE OFF?

Listen folks, President Obama did a GOOD JOB presenting the REALITY of the situation we find ourselves in.

I am so sorry if REALITY is not LOUD and SEXY enough for folks who make a living juggling like circus clowns every night, mmmmkay?

Mitt Romney DID NOT explain HOW he will create 12 million jobs.

Mitt Romney DID NOT explain his tax plan. He did not explain his health care plan. He did not explain a damn thing.

And now the "librul media" anoints him the winner of the debate because Mitt Romney ignored the moderator and made a bunch of shit up off the top of his head?

The President lost because he wasn't ranting and raving like a maniac Ed Schultz style?


You think folks who haven't decided who they are gonna vote for are gonna go for Mr. "Yes I am for Vouchers"?

You would think folks would learn something after so many years of watching Candidate Obama at work . . . but I guess not.

Cue the "narrative" that "all is lost" and Mitt Romney is back because he is the best liar in the race.

Damn, politics is depressing.

Lucky for me, I watched the debate myself, and formed my own opinion, which is this debate was not that informative, especially if you were looking for specifics from Mitt Romney. And I don't think it is a coinky dink that Bain and the 47% were left out . . .  there is a month of campaign left, and the media needs TWO candidates . . . cue the "Mitt is back" stories .

I think President Obama had the line of the night , that Mitt Romney's big tax plan turns out to be "nevermind".

But of course, that wasn't sexy enough for Chris Matthews . . . he really is addicted to that "tingle up his leg" feeling . . . so sad.

Originally posted to Nashville fan on Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 08:03 PM PDT.

Also republished by Three Star Kossacks.

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