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Getting rid of an oil slick is hard work. But apparently it's a lot easier to clean up an incident report about an oil slick -- especially when that spill is near the site of the worst offshore oil accident in American history. Just ask the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, which used its magic to make information from last month about a mystery oil sheen suddenly disappear.

Early yesterday, this blog broke the news about the Sept. 17 incident report, which raised the possibility that fresh oil is still leaking from the Macondo oil field where the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe occurred in April 2011 -- killing 11 workers and unleashing a spill that lasted for weeks and dumped 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Here's what the initial report from NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration said:

This hotline is being started for new reports of sheen of unknown origin in and near lease block Mississippi Canyon 252. This incident is likely related to reports in August 2011 (See incident #8345, Aug2011). Although the source of these sheens may be the wrecked BP Macondo Well, this relationship has not been established at this time. Activities include daily overflights sponsored by BP, with USCG or NOAA observers on board intermitently. BP is sending a vessel to the area with an ROV to investigate the potential source.

However, that report is no longer on the web site as of last night. Instead, this is what visitors see instead:

Incident #8510 does not exist, has been deleted, or you do not have permission to view it.

You can view a saved version of the original September incident report at this address.

On one level, this is simply stunning.  On the other hand, it's in many ways typical of the way that the federal  government has acted since Day One of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and spill -- much more inclined to take actions that benefit BP rather than the public and its right to know. From its stance on recovery workers wearing the right protective gear to the obstacles that government agencies have created for independent scientists, the federal agencies operating under the Obama administration have repeatedly acted with a pro-BP, pro-Big Oil slant. The disappearance of the incident report -- after the new oil sheen has already been reported in the media -- is the latest insult.

It also may be a sign that the new oil spill at the Macondo site is more serious than the feds want to let on. Since breaking the news yesterday about NOAA's original incident report, I've been investigating tips that vessels loaded with absorbent booms have been observed recently leaving the Breton Sound marine terminal at Hopedale, and that numerous fishermen who work the waters around the Macondo field have reported fresh sightings of the oil sheen.

We'll keep you posted at the site about everything that we find out with this new incident as soon as we find out about it. Unlike BP and the federal government, we strongly believe in the public's right to information.

To see a copy of the original incident report, check out:

To follow the orginal link, which now goes to the deletion of the report, check out:

Read my Sept. 3 blog post that broke the story of the new oil sheen at:

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  •  Thanks (1+ / 0-)
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    Noor B

    Moments like this is why Julian Assange is my hero, and why I believe that the CIA could very well have fabricated charges against him.  

    No matter how imperfect they are, the people who strive to find and report the information that our government does not want us to know, whether they are hackers, bloggers, whistleblowers, or investigative journalists (or all of the above), are heroes of democracy and they have my thanks.    We could not maintain our democracy without them.

    •  Assange (0+ / 0-)

      Lets see if I've got the Shadowy CIA Conspiracy(TM) down pat.  For reasons only beknownst to them, they can only nab Assange from Sweden, not the US's biggest partner in the global extradition scheme, the UK, or any of the vast numbers of countries that Assange regularly globetrots to which don't have any of the restrictive EU extradition requirements.  No, it has to be Sweden.  Let's just take that as a given for some Unknown Shadowy CIA Reason.  Now, Assange was applying to live in Sweden when the Shadowy CIA Conspiracy decided, "Instead of waiting until we're ready to nab him for our charges, since he's planning to live here, wouldn't it be so much more fun to  frame him for rape?  Let's not only do that, but let's frame him for rape but use a case that involves the sort of uncomfortable questions about the nature of consent, with the women having consented to certain acts but not others, have them do delays and other actions that could potentially hurt their case, etc, just like in real rape situations, where victims don't live their lives as though they're about to be judged in a trial, instead of trying to make an open-and-shut phony "knife to the throat" type rape case." Why?  Because the Shadowy CIA Conspiracy just rolls that way.  Now, let's install our CIA Plant, Ms. Ny, to prosecute him.  We've worked for ages to get her into a prominent position in the Swedish government, after all!  But let's have her take several weeks to do so, and let's let the news totally leak out during the time that they're getting ready to arrest him so that Assange can run.  And let's just let him flee the country, and not tell Sweden so that they can stop him.  And then instead filing chargs to try to get him  before he gets tangled in a European Arrest Warrant mess, let's wait for it to get more complicated.  Just for the heck of it!

      Is this how it went down, in your mind?  Great job, Shadowy CIA Conspiracy.  Who's heading the CIA these days, Bozo the Clown?

      News Flash: Person Accused Of Rape Denies Rape, Says They're Getting Set Up!  Details At 11!
      Want to know how absurd the concept of an Assange extradition is?  Look at the Abu Hamza case.  The guy only needs the approval of two court systems (UK, ECHR) and one government (UK).  He doesn't have a "get out of extradition free" card for crimes due to intelligence matters (it's illegal to extradite for intelligence crimes from Sweden).  He doesn't have hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.  He was arrested in 2004 for plotting to set up terrorist training camps inside the US, and he's stll in the UK.  Just got another appeal approved to be heard.  And this is after the US not only pledged no death penalty, no abusive conditions, etc.... they even had to pledge not to put him in a supermax prison.  The same sort of prison that major US criminals get put in was deemed to abusive for him.

      This is a guy who was plotting to set up terrorist training camps inside the US.  And you're worried about Julian F'in Assange?  I mean, seriously....

  •  Oh, that's just nice. /sarcasm on (0+ / 0-)

    No, seriously.  Why is NOAA protecting BP?  It's OUR deep sea oil field, it's OUR fishery, it's OUR coastline, and it's OUR CITIZENS' health that is at risk.  None of those things are expendable.  None of them is owned by BP.  Pardon me while I get completely pissed off about our federal agency protecting a multi-national corporation, instead of terminating the lease immediately.  This is why there really should be a corporate death penalty.  Screw up this badly, and you may no longer legally exist within our federal jurisdiction.

    I know what I read on the NOAA site yesterday, and I know what I didn't see still there this morning.  I call bullshit.

    "Fighting Fascism is Always Cool." -- Amsterdam Weekly, v3, n18 (-8.50, -7.23)

    by Noor B on Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 06:19:08 AM PDT

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