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I am really tired of diaries on here acting like we should be defeated over 90 minutes.

There are two sides to every coin. Watching with my 70 y/o father, we could not believe how Romney acted.

The lines I see:

-Romney won because he was Energetic

-The President was passive, listless

-The President was Defensive

-The President didn't call out the lies

-The President should've x, y, z (47% video, Bain, Swiss bank Accounts).

No one won. These polls are stupid. Obama had a plan and executed. I have no doubt. Every time Romney said something ridiculously outrageous, Obama smiled like he was getting a gift.

I think he's got this. And I don't care if the conservatives are happy their guy attacked the president in their eyes, in people like my father's he was a prick. My father stopped watching because he couldn't believe.

To the above. Stop buying the hype. Plouffe didn't seem too worried. I'm sure the Obamas had a nice Anniversary after. And I'm pretty sure he did what he wanted, and actually won votes he might not have.

Obama is never going to "go for the jugular". It is what makes his character appealing.

What do you remember from this debate? Seriously? That is truly positive for a vote for Romney in November? I don't care that ppl said he won after. You can win but completely turn the wrong people off. It isn't a High School Debate Class.

I will remember my father leaving the room because he (who follows politics a bit) couldn't stand to watch and listen to Romney. He stopped watching. I wonder how many others did?

My father could not believe that he had the audacity not to just stare at the President like he was teaching him a lesson.

But that he just rolled over Lehrer, and acted like he was a simple peasant.

Lehrer actually did a great job. He let them debate. Unfortunately he's part of the story as either Romney swung for the fences (sigh) or was an out of touch asshole who told a guy he was gonna fire him and then treated him like he didn't exist.

What could possibly be learned from Romney? I now know he intends to privatize medicare. Of Pollers I doubt that demographic is highly reflected (but was a priority and focus to Obama those elderly, those over 55 or so), but fairly certain he turned them off. Obama? Fairly certain he assured them. We'll see on election day.

"It seemed he talked more" so the f what. When you are blathering and don't say anything but "I'll do yeah the good stuff he did, but I'll make trillions dissappear".

He was supposed to be the "Economy Guy". Did he ever say "Bain"? Did he say any stance that resonates? I honestly cannot remember anything. I remember W's debates better. I do remember Obama.

The lines:

-Romney won because he was Energetic

Romney was so disrespectful some people stopped watching. Red Meat to Pundits "wow he's so aggressive" that's what he needed. They make money. Is Obama walking away with it a good story? No.

To the Liberals mad for not going for the "jugular" - shame on you. Obama is not going to move to the Left in a General. The pundits in saying what the POTUS "shoudlve done" did it for him. Besides its not who he is. He took in every lie and I saw no lack of him noticing. He would smirk a bit or note it. But then get back to selling himself. He had a message he stuck to it. W won because he stuck with a bumper sticker. You really think the plentitude of lies is not going to be ripe so close to the election?

I can see Clinton as part of the theme "if you want _, He's your guy". And other groups refuting what it was impossible to do and appear to be the encumbant. To point out all the lies is not who the President is. Bush also won because he was the guy you'd have a beer with. Did Romney connect with voters? On what? That he is an asshole, and good choice as at least someone acts like that to the President, rah rah?

-The President was passive, listless- The president had a plan. He was continually baited by lies. He took the high road. He spoke directly to people not at Romney. He spoke and made his best points to the most important people to ensure a victory. You think ppl aged 55 are sure about their Medicare now? For once there was candor, that was probably a mistake on romney's part.

Passive implies some kind of effective attack. What exactly did Romney make POTUS be on the defensive about? I see only 2 things 719 Billion on Medicare, and "Bipartisanship". I have no doubt as it is in the Ryan Plan, that may come up from Biden. Clinton already said it best "it takes brass to". . .  I have gone to trials where I met a fiery opponent. "Won" hearings where I didn't say but who I was. As the judge saw through the BS and did my job for me. Would you rather Romney made salient points? Rather Obama called out lies, so the entire debate was "obama questions Romney's plans". I wouldn't. I'd rather Obama made clear the differences. Explained what Romney wouldn't/couldn't.

Let Romney put on record a whole bunch of stuff that is going to get hacked to bits. Obama gets it. He seemed to relish it. I would be shocked if not used pretty soon. Congrats mitt, you made people think you are an angry billionaire. What's your consolation prize? I don't think it's votes he needs.

-The President was Defensive

See above. I don't recall the President ever defending. The president was cool, had a plan and stuck with it. Nomatter what the Media was going to say Romney did what he had to do. They have to or we have 5 weeks of dead air- to do so all he had to do was show up and be angry. Unfortunately there's 5 weeks because the lies are getting to heavy to not call out in effective forums. I woke up today and saw MORE Obama signs in OH.

-The President didn't call out in lies

See above. He doesn't have to. Look at all the discussion. The most important demographics he did and made distinctions clear. in 90 minutes that was not his goal. As he got 36 minutes on tape to use for 5 weeks.

Obama cans stay above the fray, so long as he doesn't get swift-boated, I am pretty sure he knows what to do with the 36 mins of yeah, I'll do x, y, z even though not possible and yeah kind of already being done.

-The President should've x, y, z (47% video, Bain, Swiss bank Accounts).

He doesn't have to. It is everywhere. The 47% Video. Everywhere. Obama doesn't need to remind us. He needs to convince those not disgusted or caring about those remarks. He brings up Romney can explain. I can guarantee you he had a meme to get around.

Bain? That was Romney's strong point. I do not remember Romney mentioning his greatest accomplishment. People get it, people get the swiss bank accounts.

Obama is doing what he needs. Not getting his hands dirty, not turning anyone off, not making a big flub. I see no headline "Obama says ____".

Chill. So maybe some right leaning people are happy that Romney will do anything to make Obama look good. But he's not convincing anyone in the groups Obama was targeting.

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