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No, they don't really believe the BLS cooked the numbers at the behest of the Obama administration - at least, not all of them. Certainly not Jack Walsh Welch.

No, they don't really think they can get the BLS to retract.

I guess there’s a bit of continuity here with the inflation truthers, a group that similarly includes people who unaccountably continue to be treated as respectable.

The thing is, although such antics are funny in a way, they’re also menacing. By attacking anyone who presents awkward facts, the right exerts an intimidating effect. It won’t get the BLS to retract today’s jobs report, but it might bully news organizations into avoiding objective economic analysis, and maybe even into blurring their reporting right now.

Democrat Derangement Syndrome

I supplied the bolding.

All the GOP needs is a few "some people say these numbers are suspect" mixed in to the nightly news coverage, and it's pure win. They may not be able to get anyone to report their lies as truth, but if they can make people doubt the truth, it's the next best thing.

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