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Paul Ryan has already spend a million bucks on TV ads to try to retain his seat in Congress.  He has to.  He's not campaigning in his district.  At all.  He feels entitled to it because he's been re-elected to it several times.  It's his own personal dynasty (unless he's elected Vice President).

His VP ambitions seem to be melting faster than a Greenland glacier, so his fallback is to be A BIG MAN in Congress again by being re-elected to his Congressional seat.  After all, he's entitled to that, too.  He's nationally known and a big RW celebrity since announcing his Path to Prosperity the Poorhouse

Of course, Paul Ryan loves to talk up his re-election history as if he had huge support in his Republican (red) district.  He won't admit he has been re-elected so many times because he hasn't been seriously challenged for the seat or been even questioned by local corporate-controlled media as he works hard to maintain his image as the shiny faced, nice young man with moderate positions.

He's not so popular anymore.  National media, due to his now national prominence, has done what local media didnt:  expose Paul Ryan for who he really is - an extremist Republican.  His first town hall after the rec carpet rollout of his Medicare ending budget resulted in him being repeatedly booed.  Since then (and to prevent more capture of his unpopularity for You Tube), he's held his very few "town hall meetings" in private, invitation only facilities with a cover charge for a ticket that has to be obtained from .... wait .... his office.   Of course, he's no longer booed in those events in front of hand picked audiences who can attend during the day time (when the rest of the schmucks are working) and afford to blow money on the entrance fee.

His serious opponent this time is Rob Zerban, who is also a Kossack.  Thanks to donors to his campaign, like so many of you, he's been able to come out with his first ad:

No, it doesn't come with high production values, but it speaks the truth to counter the million dollars of bullshit Ryan has been airing.  Like this steaming pile (hold your nose):

Yes, he thinks repeating the same lies and promoting the same Voodoo Reagan Trickle Down will work for him again just like it has in previous election.  After all it's being repeated a million dollars worth now with more coming.

And he'll toss in some God and Jesus talk, too, along with promoting that he's all for freeeeedum.

There's more megabucks coming into Ryans Congressional campaign (and he's sitting on a cook $4 million in his campaign coffers) so it's important to counter them with some truth.  Our local media won't.  In fact, they'll take a Ryan lie, dress it up with a pretty bow, and make it into a present for the suckers voters.  Yes, it's that sad.  

And he's got plenty of help from the RW radio screechers (two, count em, TWO high powered RW radio stations in the area) who will keep on telling the dumbasses listening audience that down is up, regulations are bad, rich guys are job creators, and Obama is a Socialist, Muslim, Kenyan, big gubmint takeover specialist who is coming to take their children to an indoctrination camp.

Paul Ryan has responded to the ad.  Well, no, he's got no time for his district or Congressional campaign, so it was his spokesperson:

Ryan campaign spokesman Kevin Seifert responded: "Congressman Ryan has led with solutions equal to the fiscal and economic challenges we face, and it's a disservice to 1st Congressional District voters that his opponent would blatantly lie about these proposals."

Democratic charges that Ryan's budget "ends Medicare" have been criticized by some independent fact-checkers. PolitiFact named the claim the "lie of the year" in 2011, saying that while Ryan's budget would effectively "privatize" Medicare for people now under 55, it would still subsidize health care for those future retirees, and leave the current system intact for people now 55 and over.

And, of course, Ryan won't debate Rob Zerban, either.  He's running for VP, for Pete's sake.  So there, you little people.
The Zerban campaign says it has accepted invitations from two sponsors to debate Ryan in the House race. The Ryan campaign hasn't accepted or rejected the invitations.
Help keep this ad running (and hopefully more) by supporting Rob Zerban through Act Blue.  Lets make Paul Ryan cry on election day.

Thanks for your support.


More News:

Wisconsin Redistricting (gerrymandering):  

This issue has been thought to be settled when a 3 judge panel approved redistricting with the exception of 2 districts in a largely Hispanic portion of Milwaukee.  However, it's not over.  

When Democrats took control of the State Senate when John Leman prevailed in the recall election of  Republican State Senator Van Wanggaard, the first thing that Majority Leader Mark Miller did was to request documents regarding the secret redistricting done at the Republican law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich.  The documents that were received showed that important documents were withheld even after the 3 judge panel had ordered their release.

Plaintiffs in the redistricting case have asked the panel to order a forensic examination of the firms computers to determine what other documents have not been produced.

Last month, the law firm admitted that all the documents had not been turned over, but have told the 3 judge panel that they are doing an internal investigation and hired a Chicago law firm as well as another agency to perform the forensic examination.  The court decided to wait on a ruling until it sees the results of the internal investigation.

On Friday, the court said it would decide how to proceed after it sees the report by the examiner Michael Best has hired is filed. That report is expected next week and is to be submitted to the court.

“The court certainly sympathizes with plaintiffs’ position -- indeed, throughout the discovery process, the Legislature and its attorneys have been less than forthright, understandably making plaintiffs wary of accepting yet another representation from them,” the unanimous panel wrote. “Nonetheless, the presence of outside counsel suggests that the Legislature may have turned over a new leaf and are now committed to cooperation and full disclosure.”

Looks like the GOP may not have totally gotten away with their secret gerrymandering.  Whether or not the maps themselves will be changed is unknown, but they will certainly be in place for the upcoming elections, giving Republicans a big electoral advantage.

Act 10 /  Collective Bargaining:

Public employee unions, including those who have dissolved under Scott Walkers union busting, have been reforming and heading back to the bargaining table following Judge Juan Colas's decision that major portions of the law are unconstitutional.  The state, of course, is appealing the decision and has asked the Judge to put his decision on holdpending the appeal.  He has delayed that decision until Tuesday to give plaintiffs in the case additional time because the state made new arguments in their latest filing.

Dane County District Judge Juan Colas on Friday gave those challenging the law passed by Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans last year until Tuesday to file additional arguments. Colas says in the order that this will delay him acting on the state's request that he put his original decision on hold while it is appealed.

Colas blames the delay on the state because it made new arguments in a previous round of filings.

Stay tuned.



Originally posted to Puddytat on Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 11:32 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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