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If I see one more OMG We Are Losing diary on this site, I may lose it.  Scratch that.  I’ve lost patience with this already.

Completely lost patience.

Just stop it.

Stop whining.  Just stop it.

We have work to do and this nay-saying is not helping.

We have FOUR WEEKS until the election.  FOUR WEEKS.  

Do you want to spend those precious four weeks complaining about President Obama’s debate performance about which please see SeaTurtle’s smart analysis here or do you want to win the election?

Because it seems to me you can’t do both.

You can either be be some armchair bloviator (yes, I said that), buying into whatever nonsense you see on TV or read in your local newspaper about how President Obama’s debate performance was bad and Mitt Romney was a “lion” and the whole country is changing their minds – besides the fact (and yes, I said FACT) that this is utter and complete nonsense – OR you can be doing something to win this election.

You cannot do both.

So make your choice.  NOW.

If you choose to spend your time watching TV and whining, then take it somewhere else.  Take it to your coffee shop or your bar or wherever else you want to spend time talking smack about the President.  But stop bringing it here.  Stop wasting critical blog space with your whining.

Voter registration ends this TUESDAY in these states: AZ AR CO FL GA IL IN KY LA MI MT NM OH PA TX UT DC.

Stop whining and go register some voters tomorrow.  This is NOT difficult.  Go to the OFA website and find your HQ and find out where they are doing this and get a pen and clipboard and show up.  How hard is it to hold a clipboard and a pen and ask people if they are registered to vote?

Stop whining and make some phone calls.  I am not a big phone person; picking up the phone and calling people I do not know actually makes my palms sweat . . . but I’ve done it.  And after the first couple of calls, I was OK.  It’s not hard.  Most of the people you will reach are Democrats and they will appreciate your call.  Many people won’t answer their phones and you can leave a message.  This is harder than watching TV?  

Stop whining and go canvassing.  This is incredibly easy.  You put on your sneakers and walk around knocking on doors of Democrats and give them a flyer and remind them to vote and say thank you.  Read more here.  

Girl Scouts sell cookies this way.  You can’t be bothered to do what nine-year-old girls do to earn their way to summer camp?  Seriously?

Stop whining and volunteer to enter data on computers.  Many of our amazing kossacks do this.  I’m sending a shout-out tonight to our dear Diogenes2008 and our dear eeff who do this.  Thank heavens for them – those of us who phonebank and canvass would be lost and ineffective if people like them were not entering all the data correctly.  So don’t be telling me you can’t do anything because you can’t canvass or phonebank.  Nonsense.

As petesmon said last night: So, like regular Democrats, we function best when we function together.

That means WORKING together to win this election.

So -- do you want to win this election or do you want to just whine?

Because I have read enough damn whining here to last me well into 2016.
We have an election to win.  Yes: WE.

President Obama cannot win this election on his own.  That's why he has OFA and why those of us who care about actually winning this election are actually doing something about winning it.

SYFPH and do something.


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