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Today my absentee ballot arrived.  I filled it out and after I carefully voted.  I put the ballot in the secret sleeve and signed the enveloped.  The signature line had an arrow pointed where I was to put my signature and the next line said DATE.  

After I signed it and dated it.  My thoughts ran back to Pat Buchannan and Gore.  I remember the confustion of the pointing on where to vote.  I picked up my ballot and carried it down to the board of elections.   I said,  "OK, I am no dummy"..Where does the correct signture go?   She looked at my signature and said.  ....Here it comes.
YOU SIGNED THE WRONG LINE.   That is right.  That ballot would have been tossed ..maybe....I asked for another and signed the FIRST LINE.   Do not pay attention to the little hand that says, " sign here".

 Sign on the first line.
That scanner that scans your signature will come up with a no signature if you don't and it might be tossed.  I stood there and made sure everything was right and watched the Board of Elections approve my absentee ballot.  

Voting should not be this confusing.

Someone scan an absentee ballot and see what I am talking about.  Mine is down.(scanner)

Here is How it looks.


_____________  Sign Here with a pointy finger


Board of Elections Says...FIRST LINE

Wed Oct 10, 2012 at  2:33 PM PT: UPDATE....Next day trip to Elections Office.

The next day to the Elections office brought more questions than answers.  I think we can safely say..They intend to steal Florida.   Confusion, purging, and Lord knows what else.

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