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Ann Coulter: "The Worst Thing That Was Done To Black People Since Slavery Was The Great Society Program"

Worse than Jim Crow.

Worse than being lynched.

There is a reason why the Republican candidate for President has ZERO support among the African American community. This is one of the reasons why.

    The other day I highlighted an article that flat out asks the question "Is the Republican Party Racist?" The article, by Ron Rosenbaum, stated that ". . . as things stand, there would be no presidential "race" at the moment if it weren't for those ex-confederate states—even if they split their votes. Mitt Romney would have little or no chance of winning and might as well quit the race now. Nor would the GOP have much chance of re-taking the Senate or even winning the House again. They would be dead as a political party if not for the legacy of racism."

     And to prove my point, I give you exhibit A; Ann Coulter.

     Ann Coulter's new book is titled "Mugged" because "Stupid shit white people tell themselves about black people" doesn't have the same ring to it and I'm guessing "Mugged by a black guy" seemed too obvious. In the Republican world the only kind of racism that exists is racism against black republicans, and other than that racism does not exist, and if racism does exist it is liberals who are guilty of it, certainly not rural and southern conservative white people! According to black history expert Ann Coulter liberals are the real racists and black people don't know their own recent history. Not like that is insulting or anything.

    Recently Ann Coulter tried hawking her snake oil on "The View". It didn't go so well for Ann. She gets pummeled from start to finish. The segment opens with Joy Behar introducing Coulter with derision in her voice, and quickly Whoopi Goldberg challenges Coulter.

     "You know what Ms. Coulter, please stop. Please stop. If you're gonna talk about race, at least, at least know what you are talking about. At least know what you are talking about. Tell me how much you know about being black?"

     Here's the full segment . . .


   As Joy Behar says "So the Southern Strategy is a white liberal thing?"

   Of course it is.

   a few thoughts below the fold . . .

NOTE: I know this is Ann Coulter we are talking about and that she is the moral equivalent of a weasel with rabies, but please refrain from offensive material about her in the comments below. Nothing worse than weasels with rabies, at least.

   This is why Republicans are losing, and make no mistake, despite the chattering of America's gasbag punditry the Republican party is losing, and they are losing because instead of changing with the times, they are digging a trench, and in the process they are digging their own political graves. That stench? It's the stench of an elephant graveyard. Instead of trying to appeal to demographics of voters they are losing Republicans have instead decided that re-writing history is just easier. For a bunch of people who whine about laziness, Republicans have some nerve. This may make Republicans feel good about themselves but it makes them look ridiculous in front of everyone who knows better. Good luck sending out Ann Coulter to explain to black people that they don't know anything about black history between 1960 and 2012. Republicans love dismissing people by just saying they are playing the victim. As if racism in America isn't real. As if poverty in America is automatically the fault of the poor who just want a hand out and any opinion otherwise is just bullshit. 'Your problems aren't real' is what the GOP is saying, and that is why Republicans get to be racist and never take the blame for it, because racism isn't real to Republicans, not unless white people are the victims, neither is climate change or jobs reports they disagree with or evolution or the outcome of their policies, or even elections they can't win, anything that doesn't conform to the Fox News version of reality simply doesn't exist. The GOP has it's head so far up it's own ass it is finding colon polyps, which brings me back to Ann Coulter, because following the advice of the true leaders of the Republican party, it's pundits, has reduced the GOP to a confederacy of dunces.

   How do you sell a message of unpopular ideas? You can't. How do you re-write history to people who were alive during that period and know you are full of shit? You can't. Instead of whining about skewed polls and liberal media bias it is about time that the party of "personal responsibility" started blaming itself. After 4 years of petty partisan obstructionism and chicken-little doomsaying the GOP has nothing to show for since the Bush years other than their amazing ability to piss and moan and they have only themselves to blame for it. That lead Obama still has in the swing states? Yes, Republicans, you built that.

   In 2008 the GOP decided that they would do everything they can to hurt President Obama, even if it meant hurting America, in the hopes that America would have forgotten about the failures of Republican rule under Bush/Cheney and place the blame squarely on the Democratic party and President Obama. That strategy worked in 2010, Dems stayed home and the GOP shellacked the Dems, but in 2012 the GOP is right back where it was in 2008, leaderless, unpopular, running on unpopular ideas and furiously re-writing history to match their version of reality. Instead of changing with the times and moderating their ideology they decided that moderation was the problem, that Bush wasn't a real conservative and that if only they went hardcore they would win, and Ann Coulter is a great example of the modern GOP, a shrill hyper-partisan revisionist of history, a backwards, incendiary and offensive self proclaimed expert on matters she clearly knows nothing about with zero appeal outside of her own circle of influence. This isn't a liberal conspiracy to make Republicans look incompetent or out of touch, Republicans are just incompetent and massively out of touch. The sooner they get back in touch with reality, the better it would be for America. But that isn't going to happen anytime soon because of Fox News and people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, yet it is exactly the right wing nutjobs on Fox and people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter who are ensuring that the GOP stays unappealing to the very demographics they must make inroads with if they want to win back the Presidency. I feel like Voltaire when he said "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it"

    Dear Republicans, want to know why you are losing? It is because you are ridiculous. All the history revision in the world isn't going to help you now.

    And as far as the flat out fucking ridiculous notion that the worst thing for black people since slavery was the war on poverty, let's just ask Medgar Evers what he thinks about that . . .

   Listen, Ann, I'm not black, nor do I claim to be an expert on black people, but I'm willing to guess why Republicans can not get black people to vote for them. It's not because black people don't understand the "true" African American history, it's because, from where I stand, the Republican party of 2012 looks and acts like a white supremacist lynch mob.

    And thus, I nominate Ann Coulter for: "Worst Person in the world" for today.

    The floor is now yours.



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