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More below the fold:

So, as I said last week, this week I will be talking about the account-wide mountthat you get from hitting Exalted with the Lorewalkers in Pandaria: The Red Flying Cloud.

Yes, it's a long rep grind, one of many to do in Pandaria. You could spend days slogging over every half-acre in the expansion, digging Archaeology sites, and slowly getting that Lorewalkers rep up.

Or you could watch this video that Ninotchka posted on the guild forums and get it done in about an hour and a half, with no Archaeology.

Yes, you have to level up to 90 to get this. I don't think you need to train flight in Pandaria for it, but doing so beforehand will make it way, way easier.

Basically the idea is that there are lore objects scattered across Pandaria that, when collected, allow you to learn a bit of Pandaria background lore. Each item gives Lorewalker reputation, and is a component for an object that you'll get in your mailbox that also gives Lorewalker reputation. Together, they will get you well into Exalted...if you knew where all the lore objects were.

Well, that's where the above video comes in. Not only do the Lorewalkers offer what has got to be the nicest mount I've seen so far, but also a tabard for you tabard collectors out there, and two really sweet Archaeology aids.

Colleen and Santiaga are still in the news. Taymatt points us to her web page, where she posts some ways that you can help out. She really needs outgoing phone bankers with social skills. Just sayin.

Three Ways To Help
October 5, 2012 — Colleen Lachowicz

I’ve received hundreds of responses from people via e-mail, Facebook, and even a couple of voicemails. By and large, almost everything people had to say was supportive. A lot of people were asking questions about how they could help the campaign – so, here’s how to do that. Please share this page with your friends to spread the word.

1) If you know anyone in the municipalities of Albion, Benton, Clinton, Detroit, Pittsfield, Waterville, Winslow, and the unorganized township of Unity (which isn’t the same as the town of Unity next door!), please encourage them to support us. Obviously a vote in the district is the most important thing we can have.

2) Volunteer. Lots of people expressed a regret that they were not local enough to volunteer. However, nowadays campaigns use web-based software that allows you to make calls into the district from anywhere. If you can devote some time to making calls or knocking doors for the campaign, call Amy Cookson at  (207) 370-4304 .

3) Head to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and fill out their form saying you’d like our race to be one of their 2012 Essential Races. Certainly it seems that people think this is a race to watch, so tell those in Democratic Party leadership that you feel the same way. Our district is Maine Senate District 25.

I am grateful for and humbled by all the kind words and support offered to me. Whether you can help the campaign or not, thank you for taking something which was very hurtful to me personally and turning it into something that makes me smile. The Internet will never cease to amaze me. I am going to try to respond personally to all the e-mails I have received, but this is not a large campaign, and I also have to, well, campaign!

So how did Saturday Night Massacre go? Well, we tried the Sha of Anger with about 15 guildies and we got beaten like a cheap drum. Sadface. Then we tried again with 25 guildies and did a little better. Finally we decided to stop horsing around, take the Sha of Anger seriously, and got a full forty-person raid (which may be, IIRC, the largest raid I've ever been in) and we ruined the Sha of Anger's evening. Someone has screenshots.

This week, the Darkmoon Rabbit. Because Darkmoon. Rabbit.

Here's the Tab 8 report from Mahuae:

Tab 8 Report:

Contender's Revenant Belt, lvl 90 plate (two of these)
Contender's Revenant Breastplate, lvl 90 plate
Contender's Revenant Helm, lvl 90 plate
Contender's Revenant Shoulders, lvl 90 plate
Ghost-Forged Bracers of the Guardian, of the Principle, of the Sentinel, lvl 85 plate
Highpeak Shield of the Invoker, lvl 87
Masterwork Lightsteel Shield, lvl 90 (two of these)
Masterwork Spiritguard Shield, lvl 90
Miner Legplates of the Tiger, lvl 85 mail
Misthide Bracers of the Undertow, lvl 85 leather
Mountain Vest of the Galeburst, lvl 87 mail
Phantasmal Hammer, lvl 85 mace
Shadowfire Necklace of the Earthfall, lvl 85
Skymage Circle, lvl 90 neck
Trellised Sandals of the Feverflare, lvl 87 cloth
Vicious Embersilk Shoulders, lvl 85 cloth
Vicious Leather Shoulders, lvl 85 leather
Widow Chain, lvl 90 neck
Windwool Boots of the Panther, lvl 85 cloth
Yak Legguards of the Windflurry, lvl 88 mail

That's what I have this week. For the Horde!
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