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I still believe President Obama will pull of a comfortable win. Yeah there are debate issues, poll issues, Republican lies and voter suppression by the Repubs. But one thing I have learned over the last 4 years is Obama knows what he's doing.

My main concern all along has been the Senate. There were several months where it looked like we would lose the Senate and that would be disastrous. But things have been shifting...and CONTINUE to shift. As of now I think we will at least keep it even in the Senate. But we actually have a good shot at even gaining a seat or two. And if we work our asses off, we could even gain more.

There are a lot of close and nearly close Senate races. We CAN do well. We CAN hold on to the Senate and maybe even increase our control of the Senate. But above all we need to make sure we don't drop the ball and lose control of the Senate.

Join me in giving Obama the Senate. Please donate through my Senate 2012 Act Blue Site. This is possibly the MOST critical thing we can do for America. I have already raised over $1200. Can we get this Act Blue site up to $2000?

See below for specific races.

I am selecting some of the closer races to focus on. These are the races most likely to determine who has the majority in the Senate. And if we win most of them we can even GAIN seats.

Elizabeth Warren

A top Progressive and one of our best pick up shots. This leans Democrat right now and I think we should be able to win. Getting Warren into the Senate could be one of the best things we accomplish this year.

Claire McCaskill

McCaskill is fighting against Mr. "Legitimate Rape" Akin. Need I say more? For awhile Akin looked like he was going to win. But we have been fighting hard and it is looking promising for McCaskill. I think we can keep this seat but let's not take that for granted.

Jon Tester

A Blue Dog but a good Blue Dog. He is more conservative than I like but overall he is a damned good Senator! He has been fighting an uphill battle to keep his seat. Recently things have been looking up. As of now it looks like we can keep this seat, which is good news. But let's make sure we keep it. This is a key race this year and deserves our attention.

Tammy Baldwin

This is one I particularly want to win. I want to see Democrats really sweep Wisconsin to show the Repubs we do NOT appreciate their anti-women, anti-union, anti-working class and anti-middle class "values."

Republicans are gunning hard for Tammy and for a long time it looked like they would win. Tammy has been gaining and pulling ahead now, but we still have to fight HARD for this one.

Chris Murphy

Running to replace Joe Lieberman...and a MUCH better person than joe. This was another race it looked like we would be losing. But things have been turning around. We have a good shot but it remains a close race. Winning this one is a priority.

Shelley Berkley

Something of a longshot but worth fighting for. Plus Nevada is a swing state so pushing it Bluer is a worthy goal. I have been reading some analyses that indicate Latino voters (who break very Dem these days, for obvious reasons) are being under polled and so this could be a surprise win if the Latino vote is strong. Either way, if we want to win this one we have to work extra hard.


Joe Donnelly

Another Blue Dog and quite conservative. He is great on some issues (e.g. Healthcare) but bad on others (e.g. Choice) and mixed on others (e.g. strong believer in climate change and supporter of alternative energy, but also for more domestic fossil fuel exploitation). But I have had something of a soft spot for Donnelly because I pegged him as a winner when he ran in 2006. Plus this is one of the few chances of actually winning more Senate seats. Bottom line is he isn't my favorite Senate candidate, but we DO have a shot at winning and if he DID win it would still be an important upgrade to the Senate.

Richard Carmona

I wasn't following this race at first because it seemed so solidly Repub. Well we have been chipping away at the Repub lead and it now is considered only a "lean Republican" race. This is a year (like 2006 and 2008 but unlike 2010) where I predict Dems will do better in the "lean Repub" races than the polls and pundits are predicting. Plus, as with Nevada's Senate race, Latino voter turnout, which is traditionally under-rated, could bring a real surprise here. Worth pushing for this one. Carmona is a former Surgeon General and a Veteran. Conservative leaning but smart and would be a good Senator.

Bill Nelson

This race is looking pretty good for Nelson, but given that it is Florida, who knows what crap the Repubs will pull. We need to solidly win to avoid the Greedy Oil Party from stealing it. The way things look now this should be a cake walk, but Republican fraud cannot be ignored. So I keep it on the list.

Tim Kaine

Virginia is a big battleground state, as always these days. Winning this race is part of the overall strategy of pushing Virginia more solidly Blue. I was worried about this race awhile back but it is looking promising now. I don't want to be overconfident, but it is no longer on my top priority list just because Kaine seems to be doing a fine job of winning.

Join me in giving Obama the Senate. Please donate through my Senate 2012 Act Blue Site. This is possibly the MOST critical thing we can do for America.

Want to do more to win in November? Phone bank right from home:

Make phone calls through Democracy for America to support Progressive candidates

On Oct. 13-14 Join or Host a Phone Party to Get Out the Vote

Or just volunteer through the Obama campaign.

But the key thing is to stop caring about  putrid polls and pundits pontificating. Get off your butt and DO SOMETHING:

Get active so that after November it will still be a sunny day on  Sesame Street. Sweep away those right wing Republican clouds!


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