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After talking so much about death panels deciding the care of elders, what is GOP's position on abortion? Legislators, (more than 80% male by the way) will decide who can get an abortion and when. Taht is what Ryan said in the debate. Not the women, not the doctors. Men like Todd Akin and Cucinelli and hundred other Republicans.

Ryan and Romney attack Obamacare as infringing on the liberty of religious institutions. First Obama should explain what the alleged infringement was. Not forcing them to provide or fund for abortions. Just the requirement that insurance providers must cover birth control. That has been blown up as a serious infringement of religious liberty. If Obama asks Romney point blank, if he is opposed to birth control, he would come back with a muddled response. More than 90% of Catholic women practice birth control, that is why the Republicans carefully say "Religious Liberty" without explaining what the infringement was.

Very significant is the absence of "women's health" in their exemption list. The GOP believes the women's health exception is a loop hole that allows too many doctors to let women have abortions. That is another place where they can be forced to choose between moderates and their base.

Biden's comment about not enforcing his religious views on others is also very important. For all that talk about Ryan/GOP about Catholic institutions' religious liberty being violated, what do they talk about the liberty of people who do not accept the Church's position that life begins at conception? It is possible for very devout religious people to think life does not begin at conception. Why should their religious liberty be infringed by the legislators?

One important thing we need to stress, is Abortion is just the tip of their wedge. The real agenda of the GOP is to outlaw birth control. If Obama links abortion with contraception, you would see Romney squirm, hem and haw, and try to thread the needle. There is no way for a GOP to get its base vote, if they even try to sound a little moderate or reasonable on the issue of birth control. In a moment they will trot out abortifacient contraception and such things.

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  •  Mitty has already said that he would sign a person (0+ / 0-)

    hood bill if presented to him, and the out there is that his protective language about abortion is, he says, not in his agenda. There is therefore no obstacle to his signing a bill granting personhood as long as it is not in his agenda, and he would claim he was not lying to the American people as he did it.

    And we cannot talk anymore about liberty because it is now so plain that less than all Americans possess it in the R view. Certainly not women of childbearing age or who need medical care, since he has definitely not said that he would keep in his purge of ACA provisions the one which prohibited treating pregnancy as a preexisting condition, which would if ACA is repealed, keep pregnancy as a condition not insured in most policies although it is one of the most cost intensive procedures in the nation today, a huge piggy bank for hospitals.

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