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The big dog made a stop in Hoosier state to endorse Congressman Joe Donnelly (D) in the race to fill Senator Dick Lugar's (R) seat in the U.S. Senate today.  Donnelly is in a tight race against Treasurer and Tea Party extremist Dick "Eliminate The Department of Education" Mourdock.  Donnelly's win could determine if the Democrats control the Senate.  Here's are some highlights on Clinton's visit to the Hoosier state:

Clinton spoke to about 4,000 cheering Democrats this morning at the North Central High School gymnasium to boost the campaigns of U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly in his close race for the U.S. Senate and former House Speaker John Gregg, who is trying to close the gap in his race for governor.

He cited the vote by Gregg’s opponent, U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, against helping the auto industry survive and the lawsuit brought by Donnelly’s opponent, Treasurer Richard Mourdock, who went to court to block the deal. He cited statements by Mourdock that questioned the constitutionality of Medicare and Social Security. He cited the opposition by both to changes made to federal loans for college students.

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Over and over, he painted Republicans as people who favor a “trickle-down” economy and conflict over cooperation and “shared prosperity.”

“Cooperation and honorable compromise work better than constant conflict,” Clinton said. “They just work better.”

Giving the crowd a primer on how the auto industry was strengthened, health care improved and college students given more affordable loans, Clinton — referring to himself, Gregg, Donnelly and former Sen. Evan Bayh -- “the four people on this stage are way more conservative” than the Republican nominees.

“We believe in arithmetic,” he said. - Indianapolis Journal, 10/12/12

Clinton came to Indiana to campaign for both Donnelly and Democratic Governor nominee, John Gregg, who trails Republican nominee, Evangelical Congressman Mike Pence (R. IN).  Clinton did offer some great words that will help Donnelly win this race:
While he talked about the governor’s race and even the debate that took place last night between Vice President Joe Biden and the GOP nominee for vice president, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, Clinton devoted most of his attention to the Senate race and the contrasts between Mourdock and Donnelly.

He praised the veteran lawmaker, Sen. Richard Lugar, whom Mourdock defeated in the Republican primary.

When he heard Mourdock “excoriating (Lugar) for working with President Obama on national security matters,” he was shocked, he said.

“Do you really think it’s a Republican or Democratic issue whether Osama bin Laden and all the leadership of Al Qaeda is gone now or not,” Clinton said. “I thought it was an American issue.”

And, he said, he called Bayh after that election to say he believed Donnelly could win. What convinced him, he said, was Mourdock saying Washington needs less compromise.

It is not “Hoosier common sense,” he said, using the slogan that Democrats were emphasizing on the rally in signs and placards, to say Washington needs more partisanship.

“What is this idea that it’s my way or the highway?” Clinton said in disbelief, that time using the words that Donnelly has used against Mourdock in his TV ads. “I was raised to believe that nobody’s right all the time. Now, maybe Mr. Mourdock is, I don’t know. He’s way right all the time, I know that.” - Indianapolis Journal, 10/12/12

At the even, Donnelly had some terrific zingers that hit Mourdock hard:

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Donnelly, who introduced Clinton, mentioned his opponent – and the crowd booed.

Mourdock, he said, said he “never took a pledge to safe every job in Indiana. Well you know what? I did take a pledge to save every job in the state.”

And, as Clinton was about to do and as every Democrat in this election has done all summer, he pounded Mourdock as a “my way or the highway” extremist.

“America works best when we all work together,” Donnelly said. - Indianapolis Journal, 10/12/12

Janelle Jones,  a freshman at Indiana University, attended the event and had this to say about Clinton's visit's impact on the Senate and Governor races:
“He’s a well-known political figure, and him coming here says a lot,” she said, as her mother added: “It shows support and solidarity.” - Indianapolis Journal, 10/12/12
Here's another great highlight from the event:
Democrats had prepared signs for the supporters here to wave: “Hoosiers (heart) Bill” and “Hoosier Common Sense.”

That latter sign, Donnelly said, “pretty much says it all. We are focused on jobs, on the opportunity for our families to get a good education, to be able to see our country come together and get solutions.”

Clinton, he said, is “the living embodiment” of that message.

Both Donnelly and the campaign of John Gregg, the Democrat running for governor, said Clinton’s appearance is important to help spur voter turn-out. Voters are already casting early ballots in Indiana, in advance of the Nov. 6 general election.

“President Clinton’s presence here, he’s talking to everybody in Indiana to say your vote is absolutely critical. Your vote can make sure that you have a United States Senator and governor who are focused on jobs and job creation,” Donnelly said.

Besides, he added, “it never hurts to have Bill Clinton say good things about you.” - Indianapolis Journal, 10/12/12

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The article also highlights some optimistic sign about Donnelly's chance of winning:

State Rep. Ed DeLaney, an Indianapolis Democrat who was among numerous Democratic officeholders at the rally, called Clinton’s visit “a great morale booster.”

Combined with what Democrats believe was a strong showing Thursday night by Vice President Joe Biden in his debate with the Republican nominee for vice president, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, “people are enthusiastic. People are telling me they’ve already voted,” DeLaney said. “I’m very happy about this.” - Indianapolis Journal, 10/12/12

Donnelly has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO and has a terrific record on health care, small business affairs and veterans issues.  No, Donnelly is not a progressive Democrat but he is a strong supporter of the middle-class and would help keep the Senate in Democrats' control.  I for one want us to have 57 seats after this election and Donnelly's win makes that a reality.  Donate to his campaign today so we can stick it to the Tea Party and stick up for the middle class:

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