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How about embracing the fact that most people who spend time on this site are political activists in some way or at least have a strong potential to be.  

People who are actively pursuing ways to get voters to the polls for our candidates don't spend their time publicly hammering our candidates.  You simply wouldn't knock on a door and tell a potential voter, "Obama might not have what it takes to be president if he acts like he did in the last debate!!"  That's Wolf Blitzer's job.  And Wolf Blitzer sucks.  

Consider that, as a voter, if you get one extra person to the polls for Obama, you doubled your vote in this election.  You CAN vote twice!  (disclaimer -you can't vote twice.)  Don't you know someone out there who is on the fence or just doesn't give much of a damn?  Sick of going around in circles with them about the issues?  Maybe you can get them to just go to the polls as a favor to you.  BAM, you just doubled your vote.  

Did you, like me, spend too much time yesterday in meta arguments about What Obama Must Do, as though he's reading teh Kos for instructions instead of listening to his staff and like being the President and stuff?  What if you spent time trolling around 'mainstream' sites trying to drop an intelligent word of reason and hope in front of some random person out of the hundreds or thousands who might see your comment?  Maybe you'll hit a nerve out there somewhere without even knowing it but BAM, you just doubled your vote.  

How about a good letter to the editor?  You know who still reads the paper more than most other groups of people?  Older folks!  Write a letter in a way you think might reach someone, maybe even in some swing state newspapers.  I love the feeling when I get my letter printed and I know that some people out there will think about what I said.  

And OFA can use your help.  If you're in a swing state like me, hit the pavement.  Knocking doors is known to be effective.  I can't tell you how empowering it felt to have people shake my hand at our caucus in 08 and I knew I'd helped bring them in.  Each one of us really can make a difference.  

Let's not cling to polls like security blankets when we're up and let's not run around with our hair on fire when we're down.  Let's be some badass activists and figure into those statistics instead of reading and arguing about them.  

Go fight win.  

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