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Have you noticed how Republicans and 'fiscal' Conservatives have an annoying habit of not believing reality? They believe Women Enjoy Rape, that all Muslims are Terrorists, that there were WMD in Iraq, and that letting Very Rich men hoard Tax Cuts in Overseas accounts magically creates Jobs and Growth here in the US.

"They believe these things often out of self-delusion and wanting conservative (read white, mine)  leaders to be right in the face of “liberal” facts, but also because they surround themselves by white (mine again) conservative media – tv, radio, print, and online – that repeats these untruths to them in a 24-7 drumbeat of mendacity."  Here’s More Proof The Stimulus Saved The U.S. Economy


Thanks to Oliver Willis ... we have this graphic distillation of the work of Mike Norman from his The US Economy Pres-Stimulus/Post Stimulus

The stimulus — the American Recovery Act — was the biggest piece of legislation passed by President Obama and the Democratic Congress in his first year in office. They inherited an economy near complete collapse thanks to a policy of deregulation across multiple presidencies and a lack of oversight and imagination by the Bush administration.
The Act was not perfect, and I believe — along with other more economically knowledgeable people — had it been composed of more direct investment and not balanced with tax cuts and cuts to government employment, would be even more successful  But make no mistake: It worked. It wasn’t some tax cut voodoo but old fashioned Keynesian economics that has added millions of jobs while eventually lowering the employment rate. The Obama stimulus beat the Bush recession.
Now by definition a 'Stimulus' to the economy is an increase in Total US Business Investment.. that is investment in companies that produce jobs. Not in ones that send jobs overseas....and not as 'conservatives complained that these were just government jobs (including some insane hysteria about the census for the first time ever).' But real private sector jobs.  THUS:

Total Business Investment

....and what does that mean for the unemployment rate? and jobs?

Unemployment Rate

Total Private Payrolls

And what do MiddleClass people use their wages on, besides, housing and food and utlities? SEE BELOW THE SQUIGGLE:

Hmmm. NEW CARS? Yes..we did and love our 2011 MALIBU, and thankfully.

The stimulus and the auto rescue helped to keep afloat one of the country’s top industries. Many were conflicted about the auto rescue (including myself!) but few went as far as Mitt Romney to say “let Detroit go bankrupt.” Thank goodness we didn’t. The U.S. auto industry is back, and millions of jobs that could have been lost via a ripple effect were saved.
Total Vehicle Sales

and More Retail spending at all other US business overall..much much more.

Retail Sales

ALL OF WHICH LEADS us right back to the Overall Measure of Success of the American Recovery Act... or an increase in GDP.

Gross Domestic Product

As O Willis notes: "It’s worth reading the entire document to see just how much the stimulus pushed us back from disaster and has laid a foundation for future growth."

We aren't there yet but. " we aren’t headed towards stagnation either — UNLESS we make the wrong choice in November and head back to the policies of failure from the right."  

Like shipping very profitable US companies and jobs to CHINA as BAIN CAPITAL yes, Mitt Romney's Bain Capital is doing with SENSATA Industries. It is due to close on November 5, 2012. Yep, day before the election.

SEE most recent KOS update on SENSATA here, Everything You Need to Know About #Sensata ...

Hopefully we won't elect a man who hides his SENSATA stock in a private 'charity' account so you can't see it and how much he is making from it. SEE:Romney Gets Tax Break Off Firm Sending SENSATA Jobs To China

...luckily I see Huffington Post and some other sites have stories up like this one.While Villifying Obama in Ohio over China, the Sensata Story is Exploding in Mitt Romney’s Face

...and from tweets yesterday evening after a fine day of hunting in North Dakota with his exhausted, from the pic, black lab BUCK,  Ed Schultz of MSNBC's ED SHOW says he is 'On his way to FREEPORT and SENSATA" ..for a whole week of shows I hope.

ALSO, however, I myself am wondering why Occupy Chicago isn't living in FREEPORT right now. Maybe they are, or maybe just maybe they really are anarchist/communists and don't really care about US jobs...whatever, that their decision.

Please share with any you know who "Don't Think the STIMULUS helped."
Stay FIRED UP and READY TO GO....and Don't Stop Believing!

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