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Think of tonight as a spin around the world!
Welcome to Sunday OND, tonight's edition of the daily feature.   The Overnight News Digest crew consists of founder Magnifico, regular editors jlms qkw, Bentliberal, wader, Oke, rfall, and JML9999, alumni editors palantir and ScottyUrb, guest editors maggiejean and annetteboardman, and current editor-in-chief Neon Vincent.
I took the most popular news item from the international newspaper sites.  If there were choices, I tried to choose most read (as opposed to commented).  

New Zealand Herald: Men found dead in Coromandel P-lab cave named
Note: "P" is Kiwi for "meth".  

Two men found in a clandestine P lab in an abandoned mine shaft on the outskirts of Whitianga on Saturday have been named.

Police were alerted to the men's deaths by a female acquaintance of one of the men on Saturday. It's not clear if that person is facing charges.

Detective Sergeant Ross Patterson said the post-mortem examination on the two men's bodies found they had died from carbon-monoxide poisoning.

The operation was set up about 60m from the 309 Road which is used by motorists travelling between Whitianga and Coromandel township, but was well hidden in the rough terrain on a steep hill in dense bush.

Detective Patterson said the operation appeared to be "relatively new". He would not reveal how much the methamphetamine operation could have produced., Pakistan: I want my daughter to love my faith, so she will not visit Pakistan  (most read)
For 20 years Rashid waited for this day. But instead of boarding the plane, he returned his tickets. It all seemed so meaningless to him after reading how a 14-year old girl, Malala Yousufzai, was gunned down for seeking education.

Rashid’s daughter always wanted to visit his village with him but he always said no. “Complete your education, get a nice job and then come with me,” he argued.

She did as he desired: a master’s degree, in economics, from an Ivy League college and a job with the World Bank. Now he was ready to take her along.

Shamila was 5 when she came to America. Her father, Rashid Ahmed Khan came to this country on a visit visa but never went back. There was nothing to go back to.

Hinduistan Times, Delhi, India: PUBLICITY STUNT: Justin Bieber's nude pic leak intentional
Syndicated from LATimes
Pop star Justin Bieber has reportedly fabricated the story about his laptop being stolen in an elaborate stunt to hype up his new music video Beauty and a Beat.

The 18-year-old posted on his Twitter account that some of his belongings were stolen during a show in Washington earlier this week.

The music video for Beauty and a Beat debuted on Friday and though Bieber's fans were initially angry about the lie, they cooled down after they learnt it was the singer's idea to surprise his fans, reported E! online.

Apparently, India has a fair number of Beliebers.  
Mohandes K. Gandhi
Times of India, Balgalore: He wants sex, or he'll kill me, Hemashri told friend
Slain Kannada TV actor Hemashri's traumatic marital life, her fears and disgust with her family have been revealed in conversations between her and an unidentified friend.

"He (Babu) wants to either have sex with me or kill me," Hemashri tells her friend. TOI accessed the telephone conversations running up to seven minutes between the 28-year-old actor and her friend.

In most of the conversations, Hemashri confides in her friend that her husband was determined to have sex with her, failing which he planned to kill her. She also talks about her husband's sex maniac ways., Greater China: The horizon collapses in the Middle East
Number One Reader Pick
"In the long run we are all dead," said John Maynard Keynes. To which the pertinent response is: "What do you mean, 'we'?" For most countries, the long run is a point on the horizon that never arrives. In the Middle East, by contrast, the horizon has collapsed in upon the present. It isn't the apocalypse, but in Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Egypt it must be what the apocalypse feels like. "What some hailed as an Arab Spring," I wrote in my September 2011 book How Civilizations Die (and Why Islam is Dying, Too), "is descending into an Arab Nightmare." The descent continues. We are a long way from hitting bottom.

The short-run problems of the Middle East appear intractable because they are irruptions of long-term problems, in a self-aggravating regional disturbance. It's like August 1914, but without the same civilizational implications: at risk are countries that long since have languished on the sidelines of the world economy and culture, and whose demise would have few repercussions for the rest of the world.

Egypt cannot achieve stability under a democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood regime any more than it could under military dictatorship, because 60 years of sham modernization atop a pre-modern substratum have destroyed the country's capacity to function.

Al Jazeera:  UN envoy welcomes Iran proposal on Syria
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has given visiting UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi a proposal aimed at ending the 19-month-long conflict in Syria.

Salehi said that Tehran has "handed its unofficial detailed proposal in writing aimed at solving the Syrian crisis" to Brahimi as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, in comments broadcast on Arabic-language Al-Alam television on Sunday.

He did not go into details about the proposals, only adding that Iran, the main backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, would support efforts by the international envoy.

Brahimi, who arrived in Tehran from Turkey after meeting with Turkish officials, welcomed the Iranian initiative.

Der Spiegel, Germany:  Minutenprotokoll So lief der Rekordsprung aus der Stratosphäre
Number One article from German section, English section had no "list" and article didn't seem to be available in English at this site.  Wie gehts!
Es war ein dramatischer Abend. Das Wetter spielte mit, der Österreicher Felix Baumgartner steigt mit einem Spezialballon auf gen Himmel, höher, immer höher - bis auf mehr als 39 Kilometer. Höher eigentlich, als geplant. Vielleicht sogar zu hoch? Der Moment, als der Extremsportler aus seiner Ballonkapsel springt, lässt dem Zuschauer den Atem stocken. Wird Baumgartner es schaffen?

Lesen Sie die Höhepunkte des geglückten Rekordversuchs nach im Minutenprotokoll:

+++ Extremsprung mit herunter geklapptem Visier +++

[21.37 Uhr] Der Mann des Tages ist zurück im Mission Control Center. In einem ersten Interview wirkt er euphorisch und erleichtert zugleich. "Ich habe sieben Jahre auf diesen Moment hingearbeitet. Und dann funktioniert plötzlich die Visierheizung nicht richtig", erzählt er. "Ich dachte: Das kann doch nicht wahr sein", schilderte Baumgartner die brenzlige Situation. "Dann haben wir uns aber dennoch für den Sprung entschieden."

Mail & Guardian, South Africa: Appeal tribunal declassifies 'The Spear'
Spokesperson for the regulatory body Prince Ndamase said on Wednesday this meant the painting was no longer subject to a rating of 16N, which the board introduced in July.

The Goodman Gallery appealed against the classification on September 17, on the grounds that it was "impermissible and unsustainable".

The Spear, painted by Cape Town-based artist Brett Murray, depicted President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed.

Ndamase said the FPB would issue a statement outlining its position on the ruling in the next few weeks.

The painting caused outrage, with ruling party supporters marching on the gallery to have the painting removed.

The second-most-read article is on famine.  

The Guardian, England: For better, for worse: my husband, the rapist

I was writing a thank-you card for a wedding gift when I heard the knock at my hotel room door. It was 8 November 2005. I was away from home, at a conference. When I opened the door, I expected to see my colleagues inviting me to breakfast. Instead, I saw a police uniform.

"Are you Shannon Moroney?" he asked. "I'm here about your husband. Are you Jason Staples's wife?"

His question flustered me. It was our one‑month wedding anniversary and I wasn't used to being called a "wife". But I nodded.

"I'm here about your husband, Jason. He was arrested last night, charged with sexual assault."

I felt my body go numb. The officer continued. "I understand your husband called the police himself."

Mercopress, South America: Falklands military exercises ‘routine’ and part of the defensive military presence
A spokesperson for the British Defence Ministry in London reacted to Argentina’s condemnation of the exercises scheduled to take place between the 8th and the 19th of October.

The spokesman said it is just a routine exercise, carried out once a year and part of the “defensive military presence of British troops on the Falkland Islands”.

The UK MoD reaction comes after the Argentine Foreign Ministry filed a formal protest before the British embassy and denounced that the military exercises “constitute a flagrant contradiction to the calls by the international community to try and solve the Malvinas controversy in a peaceful way.”

** End of Experiment **

Other Links:
Princess Sparkle Pony  Because we need some sparkles and princesses and ponies, etc.  

Hello Goodbye Hello: Rudyard Kipling Meets Mark Twain Meets Helen Keller
This is a book review about famous people meeting each other.  I don't know if the author included one of my favorite historical meeting spots, The Solvay Conferences.

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