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Well, well,....Democratic Underground have been lifting some rocks and finding some very nasty things lurking under them...

You may have seen their initial report, but if not here it is

Very long but it sums up thus...

Gravis Marketing is a fraud.

Doug Kaplan is a fraud.

And until all of their records have been published and checked that's how they should be noted.

Just another notch for DU fettering out right wing bull shit.

(if someone could take the time to send this to real clear politics, nate silver and post it at Daily Kos, I would appreciate it. I have to move today. On to Tucson.)

On to part II over the Kos bellybutton...

In part II the rocks are lifted

Gravis Marketing Exposed: Stage II the Evisceration of Douglas Kaplan.

This post has 3 parts;

The first is the summary of what is known. Everything in this part is based on fact or published statements, most of them by Douglas Kaplan. Every assertion is made with a footnote in parentheses () and detailed below so that it doesn't distract from the initial reading. Many of these facts were dug up by others and I have tried to credit their contributions.

The second section details the facts and describes each attribution in context.

The third section deals with the problems that have been noted in the actual polling again each statement is backed up with attribution.

The fourth section, if needed will be what happens after these facts have been digested. I hope to get to it by Wednesday or Thursday.

This is a longish post, well worth the read, as are the comments.

There are links to Doug Kaplan's twitter and it seems he loves O'Keefe, Trump, Pamela Geller etc., etc.

It is a shame that Gravis was given so much credibility, so much so that it helped to drive the narrative after the first debate.


H/T and thanks to BlueStateRedhead in the comments

Gravis being discussed by PEC commenters now

H/T and thanks to Lord Robin in the comments

Mathematical proof Gravis is bull puckey

Take a look at this, a link posted on the PEC thread:

Not a sin­gle answer has an inte­ger num­ber of peo­ple. Most are too far away from an inte­ger to have pos­si­bly been accounted for as a round­ing error.

Clearly, Gravis Mar­ket­ing should not be trusted, and their polls should not be used in any man­ner. They are cur­rently being included in the poll aggre­ga­tion being con­ducted by Nate Sil­ver at FiveThir­tyEight, and by Real­Clear­Pol­i­tics. Hope­fully this will be rec­ti­fied soon.

A Gravis Fraud

9:26 AM PT: Just got back from walking two bearded collies and saw this on the rec list. It makes up for being all muddy and smelling of wet wool. You should see and smell the dogs too.

 Thanks very much for the recs and tips.

11:29 AM PT: Sorry if anyone found the diary confusing.

Doug Kaplan runs Gravis Polling which have been giving out polls heavily weighted in Mitt Romney's favour. These polls have been included in RCP poll of polls and Nate Silver's 538.

This has helped to cause the narrative since the 1st Presidential debate to swing in Romney's direction.

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