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SCENE: A typical office cubicle. BRIAN is sitting at his chair typing away, his back stage left occasionally glancing at some papers n his left. The desk has the usual accouterments - a pen holder, files, stacks of folders, stapler, etc.

 After a short bit of time, two distinguished, gentlemen, wearing exquisitely tailored suits and expensive watches and shoes walk in from stage left toward BRIAN.  The stop halfway to the desk and one whispers to the other and points at BRIAN, the other nods and slightly tugs at the sleeves of his perfectly fitted and starched white shirt.  They walk up to BRIAN, slightly startling him. They stand over him slightly menacing.

BRIAN: uh, hello, can I, you.

WELL DRESSED GUY #!: Hello, my name is Mr. Koch and this guy here is Mr. Siegel.

MR. SIEGEL walks behind BRIAN's chair and looms over Brian from the back.

BRIAN: Um, hello, my name is....

MR. KOCK: This is nice job you got here. Wouldn't you agree Mr. Siegel.

MR. SIEGEL: Yes, its very nice.  It would be a shame if something happened to it.

MR. KOCH knocks over a cup of pens. Then sits on the desk and takes a folder and opens it.

BRIAN: What? Stop that, what are you...

BRIAN Grabs the folder.

MR. KOCH: Oh, I'm sorry.

MR. KOCH knocks a stack of folders onto the floor. BRAIN goes to pick them up and MR. SIEGEL grabs his shoulders and holds him in the chair.

BRIAN: Look, I don't know what you guys want, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

MR. KOCH: What we want? We don't know want nothing.  We are just here to tell you that it would be a shame if this job suddenly went...poof.

BRIAN: I don't understand what do you mean.

MR. KOCH: Look here, I am just saying that sometimes certain people vote a certain way and sometimes somebody gets re-elected and then after they are re-elected other people lose their jobs.

BRIAN: Are you trying to tell me I could lose my job if I vote for Barack Obama.

MR. KOCH: Whoa, whoa, I did not say that. Did I say that Mr. Siegel?

Mr. SIEGEL: No, you did not.

MR. KOCH: I am just saying, when you go vote think WWJCD?

BRIAN: What would Jesus Christ do?

MR. KOCH: (Laughs) No, what would Job Creators do.

BRIAN: Look here, I don't appreciate being threatened about who I can and cannot vote for.

MR. KOCH: Threatened? Whoa, whoa.  Nobody's threatening nobody here.  I'm just saying, you got a nice job, your co-workers, they got nice jobs, and it would be a shame if something as simple as voting for a socialist could change all that.  That's all I'm saying.

BRIAN: (Wriggles out of Mr. Siegel's grasp and stands up over MR. KOCH )Get out of here! Right now!

MR. KOCH: (unflinching) Heh, you got it, kid.  Good luck.  Just remember what I said. Come on Mr. Siegel.

MR. SIEGEL picks up the trash can and dumps the contents on the floor:

MR> SIEGEL: Se ya.

MR. SIEGEL and MR. KOCH exits stage left.  BRIAN starts picking up the mess left  behind.

BRIAN: Assholes.

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