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The 1st Indiana Senate debate between Democratic Congressman Joe Donnelly, Republican Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock and Libertarian Andrew Horning is at 7 p.m EDT at WFYI-TV's studio in Indianapolis.   The debate will be moderated by Mizell Stewart III of Scripps.

From my earlier diary with streaming links.

The debate will air live on WANE-TV and will also stream live on  You can vote for who you think won the debate by texting INSEN2012 to 36729.

Fox59 live stream link

C-Span Program link(it will be live on C-SPAN 1)

The debate will be televised nationally by C-Span which I am watching.   It will also be televised statewide by WANE(Ft. Wayne), WSJV(South Elkhart-Fox28), WXIN(Indianapolis-Fox59) and WSBT(South Bend) among other TV stations.   The debate will be streamed online by those stations too.

4:01 PM PT: Indiana debate started.  Moderator Mizell Stewart introduced himself

4:02 PM PT: Stewart introduces the candidates.  Donnelly starts

4:03 PM PT: "Nobody ever asked anyone on the team if they were Republicans or Democrats"  Talking about coaching basketball

4:03 PM PT: Mourdock makes his opening statement.

4:04 PM PT: Put a mark on that chapter november 6th Mourdock says

4:04 PM PT: Mourdock says peopel compromise their princples when they go to Washington.

4:05 PM PT: Horning's opening statement.   Some comment about cappachinoes

4:05 PM PT: Music student from Indianapolis.   Education question

4:06 PM PT: cutting programs and Arts funding

4:06 PM PT: Donnelly supports arts funding and pell grants

4:06 PM PT: Donnelly reminds that Mourdock wants to end Department of Education

4:07 PM PT: Mourdock says he did say he wanted to eliminated Dept. of Ed but wouldn't end Pell Grants

4:07 PM PT: claims they are sending more money to Washington and not getting local results

4:08 PM PT: Mourdock says he wants Hoosier money to stay in Indiana

4:08 PM PT: Horning says federal education is unconstitutional and not working.  Mentions Military Industrial complex

4:09 PM PT: Donnelly rebuttal.   Pell Grants make education possible

4:09 PM PT: Donnelly calls Mourdock leader of Tea Party

4:10 PM PT: Mourdock says he has been elected as a Republican manytimes.   Mentions Harry Reid.  Also mentions state credit rating

4:10 PM PT: Horning again says change the rules.  Overturn our crony government he says

4:10 PM PT: Next question.  Tech support guy.   Tax reform question

4:11 PM PT: Mourdock answers first.  Taxes need to be reformed he says.  Doesn't support fair tax

4:11 PM PT: Mourdock against estate tax

4:12 PM PT: Mourdock says Donnelly extended estate tax

4:12 PM PT: Horning supports fair tax.  Calls Social Security and Medicare "ponzi schemes"

4:12 PM PT: Donnelly supports reducing taxes on Small Businesses

4:13 PM PT: Donnelly supports increasing deductions on estate tax

4:13 PM PT: Would eliminate estate tax if budget were balanced.  Mourdock rebuttal and attacks on Obamacare

4:14 PM PT: Mourdock says he wants to end Obamacare

4:14 PM PT: Horning "1 voice in 100"

4:14 PM PT: Horning "Punch in the gut to status quo"

4:15 PM PT: Donnelly last word.  Talks about medical device tax

4:15 PM PT: Next question.  Consulting person.   Example of working with who you disagree

4:15 PM PT: Horning.   Hasn't held a public office.  

4:16 PM PT: Says he's handling lots of conflict in his job and that he had kids.

4:16 PM PT: Donnelly.   "I've had kids too".  Worked with Fred Upton

4:16 PM PT: Donnelly says he worked to improve highways

4:17 PM PT: Mourdock.   Working together important.  Calls Donnelly's ad cold.   Says he worked with Democrats to help people with college.  Mentions welfare to work.

4:18 PM PT: Horning.   30 seconds.   Again mentions status quo

4:18 PM PT: Donnelly.  "We have a Mourdock vs. Mourdock debate going on."

4:19 PM PT: Mourdock last word.   Rebuts what Donnelly just said.  Mentions the national debt

4:19 PM PT: Lincoln-Douglas section.

4:20 PM PT: Donnelly.  1 Minute.   He have to work on jobs.  Worked with Lugar to save auto jobs

4:20 PM PT: Donnelly says that Mourdock sent a letter than Lugar betrayed conservatives

4:21 PM PT: Mourdock 2 minutes.  Lugar an honorable man.  Chrysler case disagreements

4:21 PM PT: Mourdock says U.S government overturned 150 years of bankruptcy law.   Again mentions Reid agenda

4:22 PM PT: "partisanship drowning out principle"

4:22 PM PT: Mourdock attacks Donnelly for raising debt limit 7 times.

4:23 PM PT: Horning.  2 minutes.   Says that Republicans have never reduced the size of government.  Ike gave a big tax cut.   So did JFK.

4:23 PM PT: Horning says he admires Reagan's words but not his actions

4:25 PM PT: Donnelly.   Inappropriate to say hero like Lugar betrayed anything

4:25 PM PT: Donnelly proud to stand with Lugar on Chyrsler rescue.   Says Mourdock tried to sue to force liquidation

4:26 PM PT: Mourdock.   4 years ago, Donnelly endorsed Obama.

4:26 PM PT: Mourdock makes statements that income, gas prices and health care costs have gone in wrong direction

4:27 PM PT: Horning.   Says you can't fix the problem from within.

4:27 PM PT: Horning mentions our tax dollars going overseas to protect us from guys with exploding underpants.

4:28 PM PT: Ron Paul is Horning's hero.  

4:28 PM PT: Donnelly.  4 years ago, we were losing 800,000 every month.

4:29 PM PT: We have gained 5 million jobs over last 2 and half years.

4:29 PM PT: Donnelly says Mourdock coudl have sunk Indiana economy if he was successful in suing Chrysler.

4:30 PM PT: "If Mourdock is successful, I could lose my house.."

4:30 PM PT: Donnelly says he would work with Romney if he were President.

4:30 PM PT: Mourdock.   Claims Obama made economy worse.

4:31 PM PT: Mourdock acknowledges 7.8 unemployment but says debt has increased.

4:32 PM PT: Horning keeps repeating the same things.   Mentions prison population percentages.

4:32 PM PT: Donnellly.  Foreign policy.  Osama dead, our troops home from Iraq.

4:33 PM PT: Donnelly says working to get them home from Afghanistan and that they need jobs when they come back.

4:34 PM PT: Donnelly had visited Indiana National Guard in Afghanistan.   They said they needed jobs when they come home.  Most important thing they said.

4:34 PM PT: Mourdock.  Agree on what they're doing overseas.

4:35 PM PT: Mourdock says Department of Defense must be well-funded.

4:35 PM PT: Mourdock says Obama's policies have not worked.

4:35 PM PT: Mourdock cites uncertainty with tax rates and such come January.

4:36 PM PT: Horning.  Closing out that segment.   More mentioning status quo.

4:37 PM PT: Horning says millions are in the Senate race and says those dollars are not without strings.

4:38 PM PT: Next question.   Grad student.    Negative ads, wants to know which policy stance from opponent each agrees with

4:38 PM PT: Donnelly agrees with Mourdock on college affordability.

4:39 PM PT: Donnelly says Horning has a deep love for the state.

4:40 PM PT: Mourdock is OK with Libertarian party.

4:40 PM PT: Mourdock likes their constitutional approach and credits them with his Chysler lawsuit decision

4:41 PM PT: Mourdock agrees with Donnelly on immigration.

4:41 PM PT: Horning.  Says he agrees with both of his opponents on several issues.

4:42 PM PT: Horning says he is from a different paradigm.

4:42 PM PT: Horning doesn't flinch when people say that Mourdock is a Tea Party candidate.  Says Donnelly and campaign staff are both pleasant.

4:43 PM PT: Next question.   Lawn care worker.    Proper role of government.

4:44 PM PT: Mourdock likes question.    Article 1, Section 8 of Constitution.

4:44 PM PT: Mourdock says ad that Donnelly put out was inaccurate over SS and Medicare not in Constitution.

4:45 PM PT: Again mentioned that Donnelly voted to raise debt limit 7 times.

4:45 PM PT: Horning also likes the question.   Mentions 10th Amendment.

4:45 PM PT: Horning misreads Constitution.  Big surprise.

4:46 PM PT: Role of government clearly in print.

4:47 PM PT: Donnelly.   Says consider that Mourdock met with local Tea Party and that voters know what he was implying.   Says Mourdock wanted to voucherize Medicare and that seniors would pay $6200 more.

4:48 PM PT: Next question.   Lawyer from Zionsville.   Maintain or cut the safety net.

4:49 PM PT: Horning.  "Everything must go".  Used to be done by charities.

4:49 PM PT: Says Medicare is generating the most of our debt.

4:50 PM PT: Donnelly.   Mentions Farm Bill and that he couldn't vote for one because of Tea Party.   16B in nutrition cuts.

4:50 PM PT: Kids could still get something decent to eat at school.

4:51 PM PT: Mourdock says no Farm Bill vote is regrettable.   Needs to be dealt with.

4:51 PM PT: Mourdock again attacks Donnelly on Obamacare.  Repeats 716B lie.

4:52 PM PT: Final Question.   What is the most important thing to be done for the Hoosiers at home.

4:53 PM PT: Donnelly says 716B was also done with Ryan budget.  Focus on job creation, going after China, American energy and oil exploration and ethanol.

4:53 PM PT: "I wear an American uniform"  Donnelly

4:53 PM PT: Gives thanks as last words.

4:54 PM PT: Mourdock says thanks for having them there tonight.   Again mentiones Obamacare and estate tax.

4:55 PM PT: Mourdock says Indiana is on the right track.   Mentions debt again.

4:55 PM PT: Mourdock repeats 7 times for debt limit raise attack.

4:55 PM PT: Horning advocates third parties.

4:56 PM PT: Says a U.S Senator needs to defend Indiana Constitution.

4:56 PM PT: claims Social Security and Medicare are "monkey traps"

4:56 PM PT: mentions life expectancy in 1935

4:57 PM PT: Stewart gives thanks to sponsors.

4:57 PM PT: Stewart says good night.  

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