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Several examples of employers “encouraging” their wage slaves to vote Republican have recently made their way through the news cycle.

TL;DR employers are threatening employees with bonus and/or job loss if they don’t vote for Lord Romney.

The typical American response to this? I don’t like it,  but it’s the Koch Brothers private business so they can do what they want. And this notion is so incredibly wrong I’m having trouble wrapping my head around it.

Let me take you on a journey through time and space. The year is 1960. Young Nancy Peterson has accepted a job at Koch & Sons as a secretary and hopes to work her tail off and some day gain equal footing with the guys. Only Mr. Koch has different plans for our heroine. One day, he calls her into his office and remarks how lovely her new dress looks. Nancy smiles and thanks her boss politely, and then he takes things a step further, asking her to shut the door. “Now let me see what’s underneath.” Shocked, Ms. Peterson apologizes and insists that the situation makes her uncomfortable. “That’s a shame,” replies Mr. Koch. “We just had our budget meeting this morning, and it turns out we have a shortfall, about the same amount as your salary. I would hate to lose you, but times are tough. Let’s hope this works itself out.”

How is this highly illegal incidence of sexual harassment different from an employer stating he will close up shop and move to the Caymans if you don’t vote for his guy?

The correct answer is that it’s not.

And by all accounts, Joe Six-Pack is not only receiving this treatment from his employer, but also from his pastor, who threatens him with fire and damnation should women maintain rights to their own bodies, which of course is part and parcel of President Obama’s second term Muslim-communist baby-killing paradise.

Yes, everyone is entitled in this country to voice his/her opinion without reprisal. And this includes people who want to take away your rights. But if we don’t draw the line, where will they stop?

Our economy is in shambles. Many families are hanging on by a thread, even with the safety net we have in place. And the Republicans not only want to take that away but bully us to vote against our interests?

We all need to take a stand on voter intimidation before our system of representative government becomes even more perverted that it is today.

Make it illegal for employers to engage in captive audience threats.

Take away churches’ tax exempt status. They have become too politically active in a non-theocracy style of government.

In essence, do what Paul Ryan is unable to do, and maintain the separation of Church and State.

And end the ridiculous and corrupt notion of lobbying.

It is time for our grievances to be addressed.

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