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    I don't know how the pollsters are framing their questions, but I still find it mind-bogling that almost half the nation really believes that electing Louis the XVI and Turgot...I mean Romney and Ryan.. can somehow bring us back to the glorious sunny days of American blithe ignorance...I mean innocense, of the 1950's of pristine ecological desert suburbs and cosy family cocoons where nobody had to think about the messy rest of the world, let alone see a naturally brown person ever ever ever.
     I believe Romney and Ryan have such a plan to take America to the 50's.
     The 1850's.
     Let me address certain key groups and point out how electing these elite frauds will destroy yours and your children's very quality of survival.

    Seniors and Baby Boomers: You know that a Ryan administration (yes, because I think he's a ventriloquist and Romney is his puppet), seeks to hand over to their 1% backers all the money you have paid into the system that you thought you were saving for yourselves. The 1% wants EVERYTHING! By turning Medicare into a voucher system that wouldn't even pay for your aspirin, they hope you will quietly do what the doughnut hole already does...skimp on vital treatment by cutting your dose in half or not getting treatment. Without proper treatment you will obediently die earlier, thus not living long enough to get all the Social Security you paid for, and thus leaving more money for the survivors who can afford to live to 90.
     Of course they say things won't change for those 55 or above. But what kind of a heritage are you going to leave your children and grandchildren if that heritage is the honor of dying from all those preventable diseases that killed YOUR grandparents? I ask the octogenarians and you Remember your Grandparents? Or did they work themselves to death by 45 and never got to know you? Do you want THIS to be your grandchildren's heritage?

     Women and Queen Bees: Another way for the 1% to rake in all the entitlements to themselves, they must, under cover names like "religious Freedom" and "morals" do eveything they can to gut every health access for women's health and women's right to choose. The overall health and productivity of a society is directly affected by the strength and vigor of its' women. We demand the right to choose because when we do have children we want to be sure these helpless beings have access to a life of quality food, quality education, and genuine beauty...Not a vicious existence of chronic subsistence survival!
     How does the right plan to enforce these "personhood from sperm penetration" laws should we stupidly vote them in? Will a woman who has a couple beers three days from conception be liable for arrest for endangering the welfare of a minor? Will a 13-year old rape victim not only be forced to carry the embryo, but should she miscarry because her nymphet body can't handle the lack of vitamins and spontaneously abort the embryo, will this matter be turned over to the police? Will she be arrested for negligent homicide?
     Of course, rape victims who do get convicted for miscarrying with have a felony on their permanent record and they will never be eligible to vote.
     That's it! The Vagina Police's real job will be to convict as many women for improper use of their lady parts  at the same level as African-Americans are convicted in the drug war. Over time the percentage of women voters will slip into an ever-dwindling minority!
    I will now list the names of four women.
    1. Sarah Jane Anderson Porter, mother of five, dead at 24
    2. Elizabeth Jeffers Ireland, mother of eight, dead at 38.
    3. Hannah Smiley Edgington, mother of nine, dead at 39
    4. Marie Francoise Cadieu, mother of twelve, dead at 40.
    These are four of my own female ancestors. Try to look up yours and discover why most men got to marry at least twice. A 4greatgrandmother died giving birth to a three greatgrandmother. I wish my own existence did not have to hinge on such a short painful existence.

      To those "rugged individualist" Parents who don't think we need any help: No one can do everything all alone. If you kicked your little ones out in the wilds or the street, how many do you think would become billionaires? How many would be dead before puberty? Thomas Hobbes had a phrase for rugged individualism. In his book "Leviathan" he called it anarchy, "the war of all against all". Without acknowledging the thousands of unseen inividuals who make civilization possible life would be "nasty, brutish, and short".
     Too many of these uberrich have developed a serious mental tapeworm, an obsessive uncontrolled bulimia where the raging Hunger for more and more money will suck every last penny from the rest of us. Even when Ryan hands over your Social Security to Wall St. it still won't be enough. They are poised to suck the country into dissolution, the Civilization into a world-wide Poison-Bowl and our entire species devolved back to Lucy the early hominid.

     You may think I have a really morbid imagination. But such upheavals have happened before. (See DARK AGES).  True Intelligence is so fragile. Existence as  scavenging beasts is not far behind. Please think about thse scenarios I am trying to avert, so all this horror will stay in my imagination.
     The 50's are gone forever, the 1850's will not make a comeback. Let's embrace a different but truly exciting 21st century together.


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  •  it is another test to see whether we can keep our (0+ / 0-)

    democracy. And when we do, we'll have to fight for it again in two years.  Good diary.

    If the plutocrats begin the program, we will end it. -- Eugene Debs.

    by livjack on Tue Oct 16, 2012 at 01:31:43 PM PDT

  •  Predation, I suspect, is a default strategy (0+ / 0-)

    for humans that do not have the full complement of faculties that allow them to manage and transform their environment to meet their basic and essential needs. If they were bees, they would not know how to collect pollen and process it into honey and would be like the queen bee, good for nothing but laying eggs.
    Since clever humans produce a surplus, it's actually quite possible to provide for a goodly number of useless individuals. But, being men of little brain, their instincts tend to get out of control and manifest as obsessions:


    These have long been recognized as the seven deadly sins because, in the long run, they are self-defeating. They cause people to behave in ways that engender enmity and retaliation and so experience a life that is brutish and short. The gift of gab lets them live longer, if they can talk themselves out of trouble.

    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Tue Oct 16, 2012 at 01:58:31 PM PDT

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