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The moment that stood out to me most in the debate is when President Obama hammered Mitt for offering America a “sketchy deal” on taxes that not even Romney himself would ever accept as a smart and successful investor.  

Follow me beyond the trickle-down-government secret symbol.

Rewind to the Republican primary, March 2012

Etch-a-Sketch born

The shameless Romney campaign arrogantly boasts about how easy it is for Romney to just shift positions, accountability be damned.

From NPR

Romney senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom was asked on CNN whether Romney may be forced so far to the right by rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich in the primary race that it might hurt him if he's the party's nominee in the fall.

Fehrnstrom responded: "I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It's almost like an Etch A Sketch — you can kind of shake it up and we start all over again."

Newt Gingrich responded by showcasing live on TV a real-life etch-a-sketch animator toy.  

I credit Gingrich and his theatrics for inciting the Christian Coalition voting bloc and undermining their trust in Mitt Romney.  By the end of the Republican primary it became clear Romney had some work to do to prove himself to soft supporters in his base – thus the Ryan pick. I also want to thank Newt for seizing upon Fehrnstrom's gaffe and leveraging it into a damaging referendum on Mitt's character.  Voters in general were introduced to a man who is clearly dishonest and lacking in integrity.

Here’s Newt with his etch-a-sketch

Now let's fast forward to the debate many months later where the etch-a-sketch made what I consider to be a well-timed reappearance.  

The moment that stood out to me most in the debate is when President Obama hammered Mitt for offering America a “sketchy deal” on taxes that not even Romney himself would ever accept as a smart and successful investor.  

The key exchange starts around the 1 minute mark.

We haven’t heard from the Governor any specifics beyond Big Bird and eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood in terms of how he pays for that.

Now, Governor Romney was a very successful investor…

If somebody came to you, Governor with a plan that said, “Here I want to spend 7 or 8 trillion dollars and we’re going to pay for it but we can’t tell you until maybe after the election how we’re gonna do it, you wouldn’t have taken such a sketchy deal”.


I have little doubt OFA has been fully conscious of the effectiveness of Newt’s character assassination of Romney.  They were just waiting for the perfect time to reintroduce the attack.  It was entirely too easy for them portray Romney as being a sketchy salesman because Romney surely fits that profile in real life.  Romney says what he wants people to hear.  Then he changes positions when it’s convenient for him and his selfish goals.  That’s the kind of person no voter should ever trust no matter how good he makes his promises sound.  Romney is sketchy.  He’s not to be trusted.  

President Obama nailed him in this moment.  Now whether this tactic was aimed at Romney soft supporters, undecideds, independents or some combination remains to be seen.

But if you can’t win the trust of the American people, we should not invest our faith in you and you give us no good reason to vote for you.

I anxiously await our side exposing this "sketchy" sales pitch to America, drilling and pounding away on this conman who has creeped, lied and slithered his way straight out of Wall Street, too close to the Oval Office.  

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