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   Secretary of Explaining Stuff.

President Clinton:     "Now the last thing I want to say is, I had a lot of fun down at the Democratic Convention talking bout Arithmetic, but I listened very carefully to the Vice Presidential debate and the second Presidential debate, and Mr. Romney says 'I'm going to do all this. I'm just gonna cut taxes for the middle class. I'm not interested in rich people, they'll pay the same percentage of taxes they pay now.' What does that do? He thinks we're dumb. If you cut everybody else's taxes and people in my group pay the same percentage than we get a tax cut too, right? We'd have to, you cut everyone else's taxes, and I'd say that my percentage should go up if you freeze my taxes. So in the debate, without saying so, he got caught in a fact. He hates to get caught in anything. And so we keep saying 'Show us your budget? Where are your numbers?' The President has given you a budget. He says 'You won't like all of it. It adds two and a half dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in new revenues, but we got to do something about the debt and it'll take the debt down four trillion dollars. Here are my numbers. Where are your numbers?' This guy ran Bain Capital and is a business guy and he's hiding his budget? That oughta tell you something. He, well, he's hiding his taxes too, but he's hiding his taxes in the years when he earned ordinary income, when he, he's given us two years when he was just running for President, so, and he's hiding whether he would've sign the Lily Ledbetter Act, he's hiding everything. He doesn't want you to think about him. He wants you to think "Oh this economy is terrible, I'm a jobs guy." and as President Obama said in the debate, if I brought you a deal to Bain Capital and I said fund my new business, I'll give you the budget sometime in the future, just trust me on that, you wouldn't give me one red cent and we shouldn't give him one vote."
Slightly more below the orange doohickey . . .

   In a fight between Obama and Romney, Obama has a huge advantage in Bill Clinton. It says a lot when Obama is proud to stand with Bill Clinton while Romney has kept George W. Bush busy with some finger paints and a coloring book in a locked room faaar from the campaign trail.

   Romney has Fox News, billionaire funded SuperPAC's, and every birther conspiracy theorist he can find on his campaign. But we have a Hulk. His name is Bill Clinton. Just ask yourself, which economy do you want to go back to, Bill Clinton's or George W. Bush's?

   And who better to make that case than Bill Clinton himself?

   It looks a lot like this . . .

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12:39 PM PT: Here's even more Bill Clinton smashing Romney, courtesy of Jed Lewison

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