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Oh yeah well he didn't shout but was seriously angry. This happened on his show and the challenge was at the end of this video tonight.  He was
more like Olberman than Olberman.  He literally got out of his chair which it appeared the cameraman did not expect and walk right up to the camera and called them all chickenhawks and called out TAGGART.  He said he understood some of his anger with a name like Tag.  He then said, The president didn't call the old man a liar but I have and I have done it for over a year.   It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Catch the show on rerun...getting pretty fiesty out there in TVland.  Hugs to Lawrence O'Donnell!   I think he just called the chickenhawk out and said he would come to him anyday, anywhere, and Romney WAS a liar.

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